Sunday, 14 Jul 2024

Five Ways Clubs Are Maximizing SportsEngine HQ During COVID-19

The current COVID-19 situation has presented unprecedented challenges for youth sports organizations. From dealing with postponed and canceled seasons to ensuring the safety of athletes upon their return to play, administrators and coaches have had to adapt and find innovative solutions.

In this article, we will explore five ways that organizations can leverage the power of SportsEngine HQ to navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

Use RSVPs for Contact Tracing and Health Checks

RSVPs have always been a valuable feature for teams, but now they have become even more critical. With contact tracing being an essential practice recommended by health organizations, keeping accurate attendance records is necessary in case a team member tests positive for COVID-19. By utilizing RSVPs, organizations can easily track athlete participation and quickly alert other families if necessary.

Health checks are equally important, and organizations can create separate events to confirm an athlete’s attendance and ensure that a health check has been completed. Implementing a simple checklist of symptoms and CDC guidelines within the event details helps families make informed decisions about their athlete’s participation.

Collect Waivers and Health Information

Online registration forms offer an excellent opportunity to collect essential health information and waivers. Organizations should take advantage of this time to update participation waivers and refund policies, including a COVID-19 acknowledgment section to highlight the risks involved. This ensures families understand the situation and protects the organization from liability. These waivers and surveys can be seamlessly integrated into the registration process or added as a page element on your SportsEngine website.

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Stay Connected with Families

Maintaining open lines of communication with families is crucial during these challenging times. SportsEngine HQ offers a variety of tools to facilitate constant contact, including email and messaging features. Organizations can utilize these tools to send updates, reminders, and important information to athletes and their families.


Q: How can RSVPs be used for contact tracing and health checks?
A: RSVPs provide valuable data for tracking athlete participation and contact tracing in case of a positive COVID-19 test. Additionally, organizations can use RSVPs to require pre-event health checks for athletes.

Q: How should organizations collect waivers and health information?
A: Online registration forms can be used to collect health information and waivers. Organizations should update participation waivers to include a COVID-19 acknowledgment section and establish refund policies.

Q: How can organizations stay connected with families?
A: SportsEngine HQ offers email and messaging features that enable organizations to send updates, reminders, and important information to athletes and their families.


In conclusion, SportsEngine HQ is a powerful tool that provides organizations with the means to navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19. By utilizing RSVPs for contact tracing and health checks, collecting waivers and health information during registration, and staying connected with families, organizations can ensure the safety and well-being of their athletes.

To learn more about how SportsEngine HQ can help your organization during these times, visit and explore the full article.