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FIVB Announces 2019 VNL Prelim Round Schedule

The U.S. Women’s National Team is gearing up for the 2019 international competition season as the FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL) preliminary round schedule has been announced. With a $1 million top prize on the line, the VNL is the highest profile annual international volleyball tournament. Let’s take a closer look at the schedule and what to expect from Team USA.

A Grueling Travel Schedule

Team USA faces a challenging travel schedule as they defend their VNL title. The preliminary round will span five weeks and involve round-robin action amongst the 16-team field. Each week will consist of four pools, with four teams playing a round-robin schedule.

Exciting Match-Ups

The Americans kick off the 2019 VNL in Bulgaria from May 21-23. They will face the hosts, as well as Japan and Belgium. In the second week, Team USA stays in Europe to face the top two teams from the recently completed FIVB World Championship. They will compete against Serbia and the Dominican Republic in Italy.

During their hosting week, the U.S. Women’s team will take on Brazil, Korea, and Germany from June 4-6. The specific location for this event will be announced later in the year. Following their brief return to the United States, Team USA will travel to China from June 11-13. There, they will face the World Championship bronze medalist, along with Poland and the 2018 VNL runner-up, Turkey. For the final preliminary week, Russia will host the Americans, Thailand, and the Netherlands in a thrilling competition.

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The Road to the VNL Final Six

The VNL Final Six will take place from July 3-7 in China, where the top five teams from the preliminary round will join the host country. In 2018, Team USA emerged victorious by winning the $1 million top prize. They finished with a 17-2 overall record, including a 10-match win streak during the preliminary round. The U.S. Women’s team defeated Turkey and Serbia in the Final Six pool play, ultimately defeating China in the semifinals. They then rallied to clinch the gold medal in a five-set thriller against Turkey.

Exciting Host Nations

In 2019, 15 out of the 16 competing nations will have the opportunity to host at least one preliminary round of the VNL. China will host four weekends, while Italy and Turkey will each host two weekends.

The Journey Continues

Following the VNL, Team USA will participate in the Intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournaments (IOWT) in August 2019. The top 24 ranked teams will be spread over six pools, playing a round-robin format. The highest finishing team in each pool will earn one quota place for its country into the Olympic Games. The U.S. Women’s team is also set to compete in other major tournaments, including the FIVB World Cup in September, the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, and the Pan American Cup.


Q: What is the FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL)?
A: The VNL is the highest profile annual international volleyball tournament, featuring a 16-team field competing for a $1 million top prize.

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Q: When does the preliminary round of the VNL take place?
A: The preliminary round spans five weeks, starting from May 21 and ending on June 20.

Q: How does the VNL Final Six work?
A: The top five teams from the preliminary round will join host China to compete in the VNL Final Six, which will take place from July 3-7.

Q: What other tournaments will the U.S. Women’s team participate in?
A: Team USA will also compete in the Intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournaments, the FIVB World Cup, the Pan American Games, and the Pan American Cup.


The 2019 VNL preliminary round schedule promises an exciting and challenging journey for Team USA. With matches against top teams from around the world, the U.S. Women’s team is ready to defend their title and showcase their skills on the international stage. Stay tuned for more updates as the tournament approaches.