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Fates Turn for Many Teams at GJNC Saturday

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (June 29, 2019) – Excitement filled the air as fate shifted for several teams during the 14 divisions at the 2019 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships.

Livewire Shakes Things Up

One of the key moments of the day was when Livewire (Phoenix, Ariz./Arizona Region), with a record of 3-2, faced off against the undefeated Austin Performance (Austin, Texas/Lone Star Region) with a 5-0 record. In a thrilling three-set battle, Livewire handed Austin its first loss, with a final score of 25-19, 21-25, 15-9.

SG Elite Roshambo Prevails

After their victory against Livewire, SG Elite Roshambo (San Gabriel, Calif., Southern California Region), with a record of 3-2, faced Livewire in a doubleheader match. In an intense showdown, SG Elite emerged victorious with a score of 29-27, 25-12. They continued their winning streak by defeating Austin Performance, handing them their second loss with a score of 30-28, 25-20.

The Strategies Behind the Matches

Livewire coach Jeff Dumbrell recognized the challenge of facing an undefeated team like Austin Performance. During the match, he made tactical adjustments to counter Austin’s offense. By strategically placing their best defensive players in the back row and involving their offensive players more, Livewire turned the tide in their favor.

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SG Elite Roshambo coach Shari Iwatani attributed their earlier underperformance to the nervousness of some of their inexperienced players participating in nationals for the first time. However, she was pleased with their improved performance and felt that they were now playing up to their potential.

Looking Towards the Podium

Both Livewire and SG Elite Roshambo advanced to the Gold bracket after their impressive performances. Despite the setbacks they faced on Friday, they are determined to make their mark and aim for a podium finish. Coach Jeff Dumbrell expressed optimism about his team’s chances, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the right mindset. Coach Iwatani also believes that SG Elite Roshambo has the potential to reach the podium when their play aligns with their strengths.

The Road Ahead

Livewire will face Nebraska Premier on Sunday morning in the Gold bracket. SG Elite Roshambo will take on Gainesville Elite. Additionally, Austin Performance, after winning a challenge match, earned a spot in the Bronze bracket and will compete against KSVB at 11 a.m.

The Gold bracket will also include NKYVC Tsunami, Six Pack, Mintonette, and Ozark Juniors, creating an exciting lineup of teams competing for the top spot.

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  1. What is the significance of the Gold bracket?
    The Gold bracket features top-performing teams who have shown exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the tournament. It is considered the pinnacle of achievement in the competition.

  2. How are challenge matches determined?
    Challenge matches are organized to give teams a chance to prove themselves and potentially advance to a higher bracket. The match pairings are usually based on the teams’ performance and rankings in earlier stages of the tournament.

  3. What is the importance of the back row in volleyball?
    The back row players play a crucial role in defense, receiving serves, and setting up the team’s offense. Their positioning and skills are vital for maintaining a strong defensive line and initiating effective attacks.

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The 2019 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships showcased intense matches and unexpected outcomes. Livewire’s victory against the undefeated Austin Performance and SG Elite Roshambo’s successful turn of events demonstrated the unpredictable nature of the sport. As the competition progresses, teams are determined to overcome challenges and aim for a coveted spot on the podium. Stay tuned for more thrilling moments and impressive displays of talent at the championships.

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