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Josef Stöckl
Export manager of the ÖBSZ
Landesverband für Schafzucht und -haltung OÖ
mobile: +43 (0)699 11 96 52 07
email: josef.stoeckl@lk-ooe.at

Breeding sheep and goats from Austria

Breeding sheep and goats from Austria fulfil the highest standards of animal health and breeding quality. Apart from the tested performance data of the animals, the many years of experience of our own committed breeders is incorpurated in breeding value estimates today. Thus Austrian breeding sheep and goats are high-performing, fertile and of traceable, tested origin.

Breeding sheep and goats from Austria are regularly tested and are guaranteed to be free of

  • Maedi/Visna
  • CAE
  • Scrapie/TSE
  • Brucellosis

Are you interested in selected breeding sheep from Austria?

We organise the export of high-quality breeding animals for you!

Main breeds for export - sheep


The Merinolandschaf has a non-seasonal oestrous cycle, a very good fertility and milking performance and outstandingly good growth rates with a high meat performance. It is particularly well suited to being kept in pens.

Special characteristics

  • good musculature with very good formation of value-determining parts
  • exceptional rediness to high performances
  • very persistent in marching

Tiroler Bergschaf

The Tiroler Bergschaf (Tyrolean Mountain Sheep) has a non-seasonal oestrous cycle, a very good fertility and milk performance with good mothering instincts. As a result of its surefootedness, it is particularly well suited to wide ranging mountain pastures. At an early to medium breeding age it is particularly well suited as a mother for lamb production with meat breeds.

special characteristics

  • very vigorous an fit
  • high fertility
  • correct and dry foundation


The Juraschaf (Jurasheep) is a non-seasonal, early-maturing and fertile sheep with a high share of multiple births and very good mothering instincts. It has a robust and strong constitution, it is resilient even given mediocre feed and keep conditions, suitable fpr Alpine pastures and loyal to its site.

Special characteristics

  • excellent mothering instincts
  • ease of lambing
  • with the correct feeding, mrketable full-meat carcasses can be reached at an age of 4 months


Main breeds for export - goats


The Saanenziege is the most powerful goat withing the dairy breeds with a large-framed body. The Saanenziege is easily milkable and delivers its performance both in intensive stable systems and mountain pastures. Due to the fact that this breed has worldwide been consequently selected, the Saanenziege proved its worth for milk production internationally.

Special characteristics

  • correct and dry foundation
  • highly efficient
  • high persistence


Gemsfarbige Gebirgsziege

The Gemsfarbige Gebirgsziege (Chamois coloured Mountain Goat) is a fertile, robust, resilient and long-living breed. It is characterised by high-set an well formed udders with a corresponding milk performance predisposition.

Special characteristics

  • a typical Austrian goat rich in tradition
  • particularly resilient, suitable for Alpine farmin
  • excellent mothering instincts



Burenziegen are robust and rather calm goats. They have a good conformation with regard to scare feedconditions and are well suited to landscape conservation. The Burenziege has a high fertility and excellent mothering instincts and a very good meat build-up.

Special characteristics

  • carcass dressing rate >50%
  • non-seasonal oestrous cycle
  • time between births 240-270 days