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Earlier Loss Motivates MB Surf to National Title

In a remarkable comeback story, MB Surf Asics 15s emerged victorious at the USAV Boys Junior National Championships, fueled by their determination to bounce back from a disappointing fifth-place finish at the SCVA West Coast Classic. This Southern California team showcased their dominance in the 15 Open final, claiming an undefeated tournament by defeating SPVB B15 Elite from Great Lakes with a score of 25-13, 25-11 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Notably, Bay to Bay 15-1 from Northern California and VAQUEROS 15-1 from Puerto Rico shared third place. Owen Loncar from MB Surf was rightfully honored as the tournament’s MVP.

Reflecting on their outstanding performance, Mick Bakos of MB Surf expressed, “The tournament before this, we didn’t finish as well as we thought we would. We came up short on the last day. We came in here with a grudge. We wanted to win really badly.” This determination was evident as MB Surf only dropped one set throughout the entire tournament, facing a tough challenge against Florida’s 352 Elite Boys Rox 15Lime.

Head Coach Robert McCarthy acknowledged the team’s challenging journey to the finals, having been seeded sixth. He stated, “Being the No. 6 seed and coming all the way back through, we had a very difficult road to the finals and to win it. It’s just a testament to the guys and how hard they worked and my assistant coaches, the parents, everyone who supported us. I think actually losing a couple weeks ago probably motivated us to keep working and not get too confident.”

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15 Club

In the 15 Club category, Balboa Bay 15White from Southern California secured the title with an impressive 25-13, 25-16 victory over Bay to Bay 15-2 from Northern California in the final. Despite some tense moments during the semifinals, coaches Steven Duhoux and Jack Stafford guided Balboa to a hard-fought 16-25, 25-20, 15-11 win against Victory VBC 15-1 from Arizona.

Duhoux praised his team, saying, “This is definitely one of the more solid groups of players that we’ve been able to coach because every day they come and practice hard and want to get better. They genuinely like each other. To be good volleyball players, it also has to do with how you handle yourself off the court. They handle themselves well off the court. I am really proud of them.” Balboa’s Quinn Welton was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament, further cementing their outstanding performance.


Q1: What motivated MB Surf Asics 15s to win the National Title?

A1: MB Surf was fueled by their disappointing fifth-place finish at the SCVA West Coast Classic, igniting a strong desire to prove themselves and secure the National Title.

Q2: How did MB Surf perform in the tournament?

A2: MB Surf displayed exceptional dominance, remaining unbeaten throughout the tournament, with their only set loss occurring against Florida’s 352 Elite Boys Rox 15Lime.

Q3: Who were the MVPs of the tournament?

A3: Owen Loncar from MB Surf was named the MVP in the 15 Open category, while Quinn Welton from Balboa Bay 15White received the MVP honors in the 15 Club category.

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MB Surf Asics 15s showcased their resilience and determination to claim the National Title at the USAV Boys Junior National Championships. Motivated by their previous setback, the team approached the tournament with an unwavering will to win. They demonstrated their dominance by going undefeated and only dropping one set along the way. Head Coach Robert McCarthy commended the team’s hard work and support system, highlighting their motivation to bounce back from adversity. In the 15 Club category, Balboa Bay 15White emerged victorious, led by coaches Steven Duhoux and Jack Stafford. Their solid teamwork and exemplary off-court behavior contributed to their success. Both teams exemplified the spirit of competition and sportsmanship, leaving a lasting impression on the tournament.