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Duda, Rasmussen Win Unique Sitting Volleyball Tourney

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Feb 26, 2017) – Eric Duda and Brent Rasmussen emerged victorious in the groundbreaking Tulsa 2-on-2 Narrow Court Sitting Volleyball Cash Tournament on February 25th, taking home a well-deserved $2,000 prize.

As a collaborative effort between USA Volleyball and Summit Nitro Volleyball, this tournament was held in conjunction with the Tulsa Classic Volleyball Tournament, a junior volleyball event. Its purpose was to raise awareness about the fast-paced sitting volleyball games and encourage participation from both able-bodied and disabled athletes.

A total of 12 teams, featuring players of various genders and abilities, joined this unique event at the Tulsa Expo Square. These teams were divided into two pools of six, with the top three from each group advancing to the money bracket.

Pool A saw Old Farts securing the top spot, with Rainbow Kitties in second place and Beauty & the Beast finishing third. In Pool B, The Nubs claimed the first position, followed by Little Tough Guys in second place and Dos Lisiados in third place.

During the quarterfinal round, Tough Little Guys defeated Beauty & the Beast, while Rainbow Kitties emerged victorious against Dos Lisiados. Old Farts overcame Little Tough Guys, and Rainbow Kitties triumphed over The Nubs in the semifinals, setting the stage for a rematch between the top two teams from Pool A in the final.

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The final match was a thrilling back-and-forth battle, with Rainbow Kitties taking the lead and serving for match point at 24-23. However, the Old Farts narrowly avoided defeat and emerged as the winners at 27-25.

In the bronze-medal match, The Nubs narrowly defeated Little Tough Guys.

“This was an excellent start to the first-ever 2-on-2 Narrow Court Sitting tournament with cash prizes,” said Bill Hamiter, the Head Coach of the U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team at the conclusion of the tournament.

Each team in the tournament consisted of two players aged 18 and above. Every team played a minimum of four matches, with each match comprising a single set played to 25 points.

Final Results:

  • First: Old Farts (Brent Rasmussen and Eric Duda) – $2,000
  • Second: Rainbow Kitties (Monique Burkland and Jese Schag) – $1,000
  • Third: The Nubs (James Stuck and J Dee Marinko) – $500
  • Fourth: The Little Tough Guys (John Kremer and Nick Dadgostar) – $250
  • Fifth: Dos Lisiados (Ben Aman and Dan Regan) – $150
  • Sixth: Beauty & the Beast (Patrick Young and Lexi Shifflett) – $150


Can anyone participate in the Tulsa 2-on-2 Narrow Court Sitting Volleyball Cash Tournament?

Yes, the tournament is open to both able-bodied and disabled athletes. The event aims to foster inclusivity and encourage participation from players of all backgrounds.

How were the teams divided during the tournament?

The teams were split into two pools of six. The top three teams from each pool advanced to the money bracket, where they competed for cash prizes.

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What is the significance of the Tulsa 2-on-2 Narrow Court Sitting Volleyball Cash Tournament?

This tournament marks a significant step in promoting and raising awareness about sitting volleyball games. By hosting the event alongside the Tulsa Classic Volleyball Tournament, USA Volleyball and Summit Nitro Volleyball aim to attract attention to this fast-paced and exciting sport.


The Tulsa 2-on-2 Narrow Court Sitting Volleyball Cash Tournament was a resounding success, drawing both able-bodied and disabled athletes to compete in this unique event. Held in conjunction with the Tulsa Classic Volleyball Tournament, the tournament aimed to raise awareness and participation in the exhilarating world of sitting volleyball. The event featured 12 teams, who battled it out in two pools for a chance to compete in the money bracket, where cash prizes were at stake. The final match was a gripping showdown, with the Old Farts emerging as the champions. Their victory, along with the strong performances of other teams, showcased the skill and passion of sitting volleyball players. Overall, the tournament highlighted the inclusivity and excitement of sitting volleyball, paving the way for future growth and recognition of this dynamic sport.

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