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Drews Ready to ‘Rock and Roll’ in Olympic Qualifier

Annie Drews, the most valuable player of the 2019 FVB Volleyball Nations League, is excited to showcase her skills in the upcoming FIVB Women’s Volleyball Tokyo Qualification Tournament. This tournament, taking place from August 2nd to 4th in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana, is a crucial opportunity for Team USA to secure their spot in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Wearing the USA Uniform with Pride

Representing her country in international matches is a dream come true for Drews. She feels a deep sense of gratitude to be able to wear the USA uniform and proudly display the USA flag on her chest. Playing alongside talented teammates and with the guidance of trusted coaches makes this experience even sweeter.

Competing on Home Soil

The fact that the Olympic qualifier is being held in the United States adds a special significance to the event for Drews. Competing in front of her friends, family, and fellow Americans, both in person and on television, fills her with excitement. It’s not often that they have the chance to play on home soil, making this tournament a great opportunity to grow the sport and showcase their passion.

Advantages of Playing on Home Soil

One advantage of playing in the USA is the absence of long flights and jet lag. Team USA will have ample time to acclimate to the local environment and be well-rested for their matches. Additionally, they can enjoy the convenience of having familiar food options, as they often bring their own food while traveling internationally. This familiarity allows them to focus more on their performance on the court.

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Support from Friends and Family

Drews is thrilled to have her parents, boyfriend, and his family in attendance at the tournament. Her parents haven’t had the chance to see her play for the USA since 2017, and this will be a special moment for them. Having her loved ones present gives her an extra boost of motivation and creates a sense of home in Shreveport.

Playing in Front of a Home Crowd

Drews anticipates an amazing atmosphere in Shreveport, with enthusiastic fans cheering and supporting Team USA. The opportunity to play in front of a passionate home crowd, combined with the event being televised, generates great excitement. Drews hopes that this tournament will generate traction and further grow the sport in the United States.

VNL Experience Paves the Way

Reflecting on this year’s Volleyball Nations League (VNL), Drews acknowledges the transformative role it played in her journey. Going from a role player to a key contributor, she credits the VNL for pushing her to reach new heights. The tournament provided valuable opportunities for younger players to shine and for more experienced players to lead. The blend of youth and experience within the team has strengthened their bond and prepared them for the Olympic qualifier.

Chasing Dreams

Drews’s journey to become the MVP of the tournament was filled with determination and a refusal to limit herself. After not being selected for the World Championship roster last year, she returned to California with a burning desire to earn her spot. She adopted an attitude of embracing the challenge and giving her all on the court, regardless of the outcome. This mindset, combined with the guidance of Coach Karch Kiraly, propelled her to achieve her goals and establish herself as a pivotal player for the team.

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Navigating Team Dynamics

The deep talent pool within the team presents both advantages and challenges. Drews acknowledges the mental aspect of competing for roster positions, especially when teammates and close friends are vying for the same spot. While it can be difficult, she appreciates the depth of talent and the healthy competition it brings. Knowing that there is someone ready to step up when needed motivates her to perform at her best. Her focus remains on contributing to the team’s overall success and productivity in her position.


  1. Where is the FIVB Women’s Volleyball Tokyo Qualification Tournament being held?

    • The tournament is taking place in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana, USA.
  2. What is the significance of playing on home soil for the team?

    • Competing in front of their friends, family, and fellow Americans adds a special meaning to the event. It also provides an opportunity to grow the sport in the United States.
  3. What advantages does playing in the USA bring?

    • The absence of long flights and jet lag allows the team to be well-rested and focused. They are also able to enjoy familiar food options.


Annie Drews’s upcoming participation in the FIVB Women’s Volleyball Tokyo Qualification Tournament is an exciting prospect for Team USA and their supporters. Drews’s journey from being a role player to a key contributor showcases her determination and growth. Playing on home soil, with the support of friends and family, adds an extra layer of motivation for her. With her dedicated mindset and the team’s depth of talent, they are poised to make a strong push towards securing their spot in the 2020 Olympic Games. To stay updated on Annie Drews and Team USA’s journey, visit Alpinetgheep.

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