Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Donaghy, Stemm Elected to USAV Board

Donna Donaghy and Mitch Stemm have recently been elected as representatives of the USA Volleyball Board of Directors. Donaghy’s term will last four years, while Stemm’s term will be three years. Their positions are effective immediately.

Donna Donaghy’s extensive experience and commitment to the sport makes her an invaluable addition to the Board. She has been the commissioner/chief executive officer of the Northern California Region for over 32 years, contributing to the growth of volleyball in the area. Donaghy has also played a crucial role in various governance committees and has been involved in organizing several major events.

Mitch Stemm, the commissioner of the Hoosier Region since 2010, brings decades of experience to the Board. He has served on regional boards and committees, focusing on risk management and the implementation of SafeSport practices. Stemm’s passion for the sport and dedication to the well-being of its participants make him a valuable asset.

Both Donaghy and Stemm have been recognized for their exceptional leadership within their respective regions and will bring a balanced perspective to the Board. Their expertise will be invaluable in addressing key issues and advancing USA Volleyball’s core business.

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We extend our congratulations to Donna Donaghy and Mitch Stemm on their election to the USA Volleyball Board of Directors. We look forward to their contributions in shaping the future of the sport and supporting its growth in the United States.