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Dietzen Teaching More than Volleyball

Classroom Champions

Seven years ago, Christa Dietzen, an accomplished athlete and member of the U.S Women’s National Volleyball Team, realized the importance of giving back to the community. As her volleyball career advanced with multiple Olympic medals and world championships, she found herself drawn back to the classroom. Through the Classroom Champions initiative, Dietzen became an online mentor for kindergarten through eighth grade students, using her experiences in sports to teach valuable life skills.

A Bridge between Athletics and Education

The Classroom Champions program, established in 2009, aims to empower students by providing athlete mentors who work alongside teachers to inspire and motivate. Dietzen became involved in the program through Heather Bown, a former U.S. Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team member. Dietzen’s enthusiasm for education and her connection with Bown led her to join Classroom Champions and engage with students in a year-long project.

Engaging with Students

Dietzen’s involvement with Classroom Champions went beyond simply being a guest speaker. Through a private Google community group, she interacted with students, watched their videos, and read their comments on the lessons. The program allowed her to build meaningful relationships with the students and contribute to their educational journey.

Christa Dietzen

Empowering the Next Generation

As Dietzen’s playing career draws to a close, she contemplates a potential future in the classroom. Her involvement with Classroom Champions has reconnected her with the ever-changing world of education and allowed her to witness the growth and development of students. Through her mentorship, Dietzen hopes to inspire the next generation and leave a lasting impact on their lives.

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What is Classroom Champions?

Classroom Champions is an initiative that pairs athlete mentors with teachers to help students develop valuable life skills and achieve their dreams.

How long is the Classroom Champions program?

The program spans a full school year, providing students with continuous support and mentorship.

How does Classroom Champions work?

Athlete mentors, such as Christa Dietzen, create videos and engage with the students through a private online community. They address various topics such as courage, teamwork, and honesty, and encourage students to apply these values in their lives.


Christa Dietzen’s involvement with Classroom Champions showcases the powerful impact athletes can have on the lives of young students. By sharing their experiences and teaching valuable life skills, athlete mentors like Dietzen empower the next generation to overcome challenges and strive for success. Classroom Champions exemplifies the positive influence sports can have beyond the field, fostering personal growth and inspiring future leaders.

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