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Dalhausser/Lucena Secure Olympic Qualification with a Gold Medal Victory


Dalhausser and Lucena, the dynamic beach volleyball duo, have concluded their 2016 Olympic qualification campaign on a high note. In an exhilarating match against The Netherlands, the American pair emerged victorious with a gold medal at the FIVB Hamburg Major.

A Hard-Fought Win

The gold medal match was a display of skill, determination, and resilience. After a grueling first set that ended with a score of 29-27 in their favor, Dalhausser and Lucena dominated the second set with a crushing 21-12 victory. This win marked their sixth gold medal and ninth overall for Olympic qualification, securing their position as the third seed in the Olympic rankings.

The Thrilling First Set

The Netherlands put up a fierce fight, reaching match point first at 20-19. However, Dalhausser and Lucena refused to back down. With a combination of precision shots and exceptional teamwork, they managed to clinch the set with a score of 29-27. According to Lucena, the pivotal moment came when Phil Dalhausser delivered an ace, giving them the momentum they needed to push through.

Riding the Wave of Momentum

Buoyed by their first-set victory, Dalhausser and Lucena carried their momentum into the second set. With a comfortable lead, they never relinquished control, ultimately securing a resounding 21-12 win. Dalhausser emphasized the importance of momentum in sports, highlighting how their strong start in the second set enabled them to dictate the game’s flow.

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A Journey to Victory

This remarkable achievement did not come as a surprise, considering the duo’s impressive performance throughout the tournament. They kicked off their campaign with a flawless 3-0 record in pool play, including a victory against fellow Americans John Hyden and Tri Bourne. In the second round, they defeated France with a solid score of 22-20, 21-15.

In the quarterfinals, Dalhausser and Lucena faced another American team, Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson. The stakes were high, as the winner would surpass The Netherlands in the Olympic rankings. With a score of 22-20, 21-18, Dalhausser and Lucena emerged victorious, securing their spot in the semifinals.

One of the most significant challenges came in the form of their match against Alison Cerutti and Bruno Schmidt, the world’s top-ranked team. Despite the tough competition, the American pair dominated the game with exceptional control and aggression, claiming a decisive victory of 21-16, 21-15.

Impressive Performances from Fellow American Teams

The success of Dalhausser and Lucena was complemented by other American teams in the tournament. Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson, the second-ranked men’s team, finished tied for fifth place after their quarterfinal defeat to Dalhausser and Lucena. Theo Brunner and Billy Allen, in their first FIVB World Tour event together, also had a commendable performance, tying for 17th place. Unfortunately, John Hyden and Tri Bourne finished in 25th place.

Looking Ahead

With the Olympic qualification now concluded, the FIVB World Tour will continue with seven upcoming tournaments, including the highly anticipated World Tour Finals. Although these events will not contribute to Olympic rankings, they are crucial for players seeking to further enhance their skills and solidify their positions in the world of beach volleyball.

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Q1: How many gold medals have Dalhausser and Lucena won in their Olympic qualification journey?

A1: Dalhausser and Lucena have won an impressive six gold medals and a total of nine medals throughout their Olympic qualification journey.

Q2: What was the result of the match between Dalhausser/Lucena and The Netherlands?

A2: Dalhausser and Lucena emerged triumphant, winning the match against The Netherlands with scores of 29-27 and 21-12.

Q3: How did Dalhausser and Lucena secure their position in the Olympic seedings?

A3: Their gold medal victory in the FIVB Hamburg Major ensured their third-place position in the Olympic seedings.


Dalhausser and Lucena’s exceptional performance in the FIVB Hamburg Major has not only secured their Olympic qualification but also showcased their talent and determination. As they prepare for the upcoming tournaments, they have set a high bar for themselves and the rest of the competition. With their sights set on the Olympics, the dynamic duo is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of beach volleyball.

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