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Confidence is the Key: Houston Skyline 15 Open Win

Confidence plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of any endeavor. It often becomes the differentiating factor between success and failure, perseverance and quitting. Houston Skyline 15 Royal (Lone Star Region) understood the power of confidence as they bagged the victory in the 15 Open division at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships. Their journey was filled with ups and downs, but their unwavering belief in themselves kept them going.

The Impact of a Book on Confidence

During the postseason, the players and coaches of Houston Skyline 15 Royal turned to a book on confidence for inspiration. This decision proved to be a game-changer for them, especially after experiencing two losses earlier in the tournament. Their final match against Arizona Storm 15 Thunder ended with an impressive score of 25-15, 25-15 in favor of Houston Skyline. The book not only kept their spirits high but also helped them set and achieve their goals. Captain Madeleine Waak mentioned that the team’s ability to bounce back from losses was a testament to their newfound confidence.

A Tool for Refocusing

Head coach Jennifer Woods described the book as a valuable tool that helped the team refocus their mindset heading into nationals. It emphasized the importance of taking control of one’s thoughts and not letting circumstances dictate the outcome. The book’s teachings had a tremendous impact on the team, allowing them to perform at their best even when faced with challenges. Houston Skyline understood that their serving pressure was a key factor in their victory against a formidable opponent like Arizona Storm.

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Houston Skyline 15 Royal Celebrating

The Power of Team Unity

The journey to nationals was an emotional one for Houston Skyline. They played not only for themselves but also in honor of a teammate’s sister who had recently passed away. This shared experience strengthened the team’s bond and served as a reminder of the purpose behind their efforts. Coach Woods expressed her admiration for the team’s maturity and dedication to their training. Houston Skyline’s players were resilient, always ready to give their all during practice, and consistently pushing themselves to improve. This level of commitment and understanding is rare and something the team treasured.

15 American, 15 National, and 15 USA Champions

Aside from Houston Skyline’s impressive victory, other teams showcased their skills and determination in their respective divisions. In the 15 American category, Arizona Revolution 15 adidas emerged as the champions after a thrilling three-set match against NKYVC 15 Tsunami. The Revolution overcame the challenge of new leadership midway through the season and demonstrated remarkable growth throughout the tournament.

In the 15 National division, Austin Performance 15 adidas secured the title by seizing the momentum early on and defeating Forza1 15 UA convincingly. Coach Lindsay Rosenthal’s guidance helped the team maintain focus and adapt to their opponent’s strategies. The experience of facing tough situations, like being down in the quarterfinals, strengthened Austin Performance’s resolve.

MadFrog (North Texas Region) displayed their prowess in the 15 USA division, clinching the championship title against Sky High adidas 15 Black. Despite the head coach’s absence after the match, assistant coach Deja Erwin stepped in and commended the team’s ability to quickly side out and prevent their opponents from gaining significant advantages. MadFrog’s journey was not without challenges, and their ability to come together as a team contributed to their success.

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Q: How did the book on confidence help Houston Skyline 15 Royal?
A: The book on confidence served as a source of motivation and guidance for Houston Skyline 15 Royal. It helped them bounce back from losses and remain focused on their goals throughout the tournament.

Q: What was the significance of team unity for Houston Skyline?
A: Team unity played a crucial role in Houston Skyline’s success. The players’ shared dedication and bond propelled them forward, especially as they played in honor of a teammate’s sister who had recently passed away.

Q: How did Austin Performance 15 adidas secure their victory in the 15 National division?
A: Austin Performance 15 adidas capitalized on their early momentum and executed their game plan effectively. Coach Lindsay Rosenthal’s guidance and the team’s ability to adapt to their opponent’s strategies were key factors in their win.


The Houston Skyline 15 Open victory demonstrates the importance of confidence, unity, and resilience in achieving success. Through their unwavering belief in themselves, the team overcame challenges, proving that with the right mindset, anything is possible. The champions in the other divisions showcased their skills and determination, further emphasizing the significance of teamwork and perseverance in the sport of volleyball.