Thursday, 23 May 2024

Composure Key for Long Beach 13’s Open Win

When Miz Long Beach 13 L faced Dynasty 13 Black in the 13 Open title match at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships, everyone knew it was going to be an intense battle. These two teams had a history, with Long Beach narrowly defeating Dynasty in a previous match.

In the decisive third set, Long Beach took an early lead, but Dynasty fought back, slowly chipping away at the deficit. It was a tense moment, but the players of Long Beach remained composed, remembering their coach Lance Aoki’s advice to “keep our composure…always.” Setter Sade Ilawole emphasized that this was their motto, along with “composure and decimate.”

Aoki was proud to see his teachings in action, as his players stayed calm and focused amidst the chaos. Composure, according to Aoki, means staying relaxed and not panicking, simply enjoying the game they love. However, Aoki pointed out that his motto also encompassed passion and love for the sport and their teammates.

For nine of the girls on the Long Beach team, including Ilawole and Charlie Fuerbringer, this victory marked their second consecutive title. Aoki attributed their success to their commitment to his system, encouraging them to give their all on the court, win or lose.

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Despite facing tough competition throughout the tournament, with six of their matches going to three sets, Long Beach emerged victorious. Aoki credited their success not just to their volleyball skills, but also to their behavior, emphasizing the importance of how they treated each other and maintained composure.

In the final set, Aoki reminded his players to trust their teammates and not let the distractions of parents, fans, and noise affect their performance. Trust, according to Aoki, was the key to their victory.

This win solidified Long Beach’s position as a team to be reckoned with, showcasing their composure and resilience. They proved that composure, along with passion, love, and trust, were the winning ingredients for success on the volleyball court.


Q: How did Long Beach 13 L perform in the match against Dynasty 13 Black?
A: Long Beach 13 L won the first set, but Dynasty 13 Black fought back and won the second set. The match was decided in the third set, with Long Beach securing a 15-13 victory.

Q: What was Coach Lance Aoki’s advice to the Long Beach players?
A: Coach Aoki emphasized the importance of composure and reminded the players to stay calm and relaxed throughout the match. He also highlighted the need for passion, love, and trust among teammates.

Q: Was this Long Beach’s first title win?
A: No, this was Long Beach’s second consecutive title win, with nine of the players having won the 12 National title in 2018 under different club coaches.

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In a thrilling match at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships, Long Beach 13 L emerged victorious against Dynasty 13 Black. The key to their success was their composure, as they stayed calm and focused even in high-pressure situations. Coach Lance Aoki’s teachings on composure, passion, love, and trust played a crucial role in their win. This victory marked Long Beach’s second consecutive title, showcasing their resilience and determination. With a strong emphasis on behavior and composure, Long Beach proved that these attributes are just as important as their volleyball skills.