Thursday, 23 May 2024

Collegiate National Team Player Reflects on GJNC Experience

Tess Reid, a player on the Women’s Collegiate National Team, vividly recalls her time at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships. From the competitive matches to the camaraderie with her teammates, every moment left a lasting impression. Now, as she takes the court with her new collegiate teammates, she finds herself in a familiar environment.

The Collegiate National Teams, a part of USAV’s High Performance program, bring together the most talented college players nationwide for training and competition. Reid, a setter entering her junior season at Loyola Marymount, admits that the initial days at the team’s training camp in Ann Arbor, Mich., were nerve-wracking. However, through team-building activities, the players quickly formed strong bonds.

The championship court at Cobo Center, where the inter-squad match took place, was filled with players, coaches, and fans from the Girls’ Junior Nationals. Reid herself used to be one of those players, making her return to the event even more special. She emphasizes the importance of being a good teammate for aspiring players looking to progress in USA Volleyball’s High Performance pipeline and the Path to the Podium. The organization values character, teamwork, and leadership qualities.

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As the team gears up for another scrimmage, Reid, along with fellow setter Haley Templeton from the University of Miami, showcased their skills by leading the Red Team to a .436 hitting efficiency. Outside hitter Yossiana Pressley, Baylor’s standout player, led all scorers with an impressive performance.

With Sport Court as the official athletic flooring for all USA Volleyball national championship events, the Collegiate National Team aims to continue their success on the court.


Q: What is the Collegiate National Team?

A: The Collegiate National Team is a part of USA Volleyball’s High Performance program, which brings together top college players from across the country for training and competition.

Q: How does one progress in USA Volleyball’s High Performance pipeline?

A: To progress in USA Volleyball’s High Performance pipeline, aspiring players should focus on being a good teammate, character, and leadership qualities.


In this article, we explored Tess Reid’s experience as a player on the Women’s Collegiate National Team and her memories of competing at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships. We learned about the team’s training camp, the importance of building strong bonds as teammates, and the significance of being a good teammate in USA Volleyball’s High Performance program. Additionally, we highlighted the team’s recent performance in an inter-squad scrimmage, showcasing the talent on the Red Team and the excellent skills of players like Yossiana Pressley. As the team continues to strive for success, they do so on the premium athletic flooring provided by Sport Court.

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