Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Collegiate Beach NT earns gold, silver in China

In an exciting all-U.S. Collegiate Beach National Team final, the team of Nicolette Martin and Terese Cannon emerged victorious, defeating their fellow Americans Brittany Howard and Corinne Quiggle to claim the top prize at the Shenzhen International Festival in China.

The Shenzhen International Festival brought together college-aged teams from the United States, Canada, and China for a thrilling three-day event. This festival is held annually as a part of the Dapeng International Outdoor Carnival.

Cannon/Martin, representing USC, and Howard/Quiggle, representing Pepperdine, earned their spots in the event by finishing second and third respectively at the USAV Collegiate Beach Championships in Hermosa Beach, California, last May.

Cannon expressed her joy at being a part of the High Performance CBNT and highlighted the valuable training opportunities they provide. She also shared her excitement about the opportunity to travel to China for her first international tournament, describing it as an incredible experience that she will cherish forever.

Martin, who represented the U.S. overseas for the first time, appreciated the honor of competing with athletes from the other side of the world and embracing the Chinese culture. She believes that this trip has better prepared her for her journey in pursuing professional beach volleyball.

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Howard expressed her deep gratitude for the chance to represent Team USA and showcase their training and competitive spirit to younger players from different cultures. She also valued the experience of participating in FIVB events, which provide valuable insights into the next steps in their careers.

Quiggle described the trip as an unbelievable experience, both for volleyball and for life. She was thankful for the opportunity to learn and adapt to a different culture while being surrounded by hospitable people in Shenzhen.

Overall, this event not only showcased the talent and skills of collegiate beach volleyball teams but also provided invaluable experiences and cultural exchanges for the participating athletes. It was a celebration of international sportsmanship and camaraderie.