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CNT Japan Tour Squad Showcased Strong Performance Against Japan WUG

The U.S. Collegiate National Team – Japan Tour (CNT – Japan Tour) recently wrapped up their final match against Japan’s World University Games team (Japan WUG), where they demonstrated their skills and resilience. Despite a 2-1 (24-26, 25-23, 25-15) loss in the planned three-setter, the squad displayed great energy, effort, and improvement throughout the game.

A Competitive Match in Kawasaki

The match took place at the NEC Red Rockets’ Training Facility in Kawasaki, Japan. The Americans started strong, winning the first set with a remarkable comeback, erasing a four-point deficit and finishing with a 14-8 run to secure a 24-26 victory. However, they couldn’t maintain their momentum in the subsequent sets and ultimately lost to Japan WUG.

Balanced Performance by CNT – Japan Tour

The CNT – Japan Tour team maintained a well-rounded performance throughout the match. Their blocking game remained strong, as they out-blocked their opponents, recording 11 blocks against Japan WUG’s attacks while only having three of their own blocked. Players like Kenzie Koerber (Utah; Chino Hills, Calif.), Mica Allison (Illinois; White Heath, Ill.), and Jacqueline Quade (Illinois; Fort Wayne, Ind.) showcased their defensive prowess by making significant contributions to the team’s success.

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A Team Effort

The CNT – Japan Tour squad displayed excellent teamwork, with 10 different players making their presence felt on the court. Koerber led the team with eight kills and a .300 hitting efficiency, followed closely by Brooke Botkin (Southern California; Houston, Texas), who landed seven kills. The team’s attack was well-distributed among its players, showcasing their versatility and depth.

Looking Ahead

Despite the loss, the team remains optimistic and focused on continuous improvement. They have identified areas such as consistency in passing, serving, and overall energy as potential areas for growth. The players recognize the importance of communication and are determined to maintain their high level of performance throughout future matches.


Q: Who were the standout players for CNT – Japan Tour?
A: Kenzie Koerber and Brooke Botkin had notable performances, leading the team in kills and overall contributions.

Q: What challenges did the team face during the match?
A: While the team exhibited strong blocking skills, they faced difficulties in sustaining their passing game as the match progressed.


The U.S. Collegiate National Team – Japan Tour showcased their skills and resilience in a competitive match against Japan WUG. Despite the loss, the team displayed excellent teamwork and balanced performance throughout the game. With their determination and focus on improvement, they are eager to continue their journey and make notable strides in upcoming matches.

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