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Cecile Reynaud Receives USAV’s 2016 Frier Award

The volleyball community celebrated a remarkable achievement during the Dorothy C. Boyce Awards Recognition Banquet in Orlando, Florida. Cecile Reynaud, former head coach of the Florida State University women’s volleyball program, was honored with USA Volleyball’s prestigious Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Award. This recognition is the highest honor bestowed by the national governing body.

A Legacy of Coaching and Leadership

With an impressive record of 635 wins and 326 losses over 26 seasons at Florida State University, Reynaud has left an indelible mark on the sport. Her dedication to developing coaches and expanding programming is renowned within the USA Volleyball community. Since 1988, she has been an esteemed member of the Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) teaching cadre.

Reynaud’s involvement with USA Volleyball extends beyond coaching. She has served on the Board of Directors in two different segments, contributing her expertise and leadership to the sport. Currently, she is the chair of the USA Volleyball Personnel Committee.

A Humbling Honor

Reynaud’s reaction to receiving the Frier Award was one of gratitude and humility. “This was quite shocking as you could tell by my expression. It is the highest honor you can receive by USA Volleyball,” she expressed. Reynaud relishes the opportunity to be involved in various roles within the sport, cherishing every moment.

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A Legacy of Leadership and Education

As an accomplished coach and leader, Reynaud’s contributions go beyond the volleyball court. She has served as the president of the American Volleyball Coaches Association and has been a pivotal part of the AVCA board. Reynaud’s dedication to education and publications is ongoing, as she remains the education and publications representative for AVCA.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in volleyball, Reynaud has been in high demand as a clinician and speaker. She has shared her expertise both within the United States and internationally as an FIVB instructor.

Continuing Impact and Recognition

Even after retiring from collegiate coaching, Reynaud continues to make an impact on the sport. As a television color analyst, she has brought her knowledge and charisma to conference broadcasts, captivating digital audiences and shedding new light on the sport of volleyball.

The volleyball community appreciates Reynaud’s presence at the Boyce Banquets, where she serves as a long-time emcee for the event. Her engaging personality combination of wit and charm has made her a beloved figure in the sport.

As a faculty member in Florida State University’s sport management department, Reynaud has also played a vital role in shaping the next generation of sports executives. Her Ph.D. in athletic administration further solidifies her expertise and commitment to the sport.


  1. What is the Frier Award?
    The Frier Award is the highest honor given by USA Volleyball and recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport.

  2. How long has Reynaud been involved with USA Volleyball?
    Reynaud has been actively involved with USA Volleyball since 1985, serving in coaching, leadership, and educational roles.

  3. What is Reynaud’s coaching legacy at Florida State University?
    During her tenure, Reynaud led the Florida State women’s volleyball program to a record of 635 wins and numerous championships, including six Metro Conference Championships and one ACC title.

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Cecile Reynaud, a highly respected figure in the world of volleyball, has been honored with USA Volleyball’s prestigious Frier Award. With an illustrious coaching career and exemplary leadership within the sport, Reynaud has left an indelible mark on USA Volleyball and the Florida State University women’s volleyball program. Her dedication to developing coaches, expanding programming, and contributing to the volleyball community as a whole is commendable. Reynaud’s impact reaches far beyond the volleyball court, as she continues to serve as a mentor, educator, and television analyst. Her passion for the sport and love for coaching are evident in her ongoing commitment to volleyball excellence.