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U.S. Beach National Team Earns Bronze Medals at Cancun Hub

CANCUN, Mexico (May 2, 2021) – The U.S. Beach National Team had a successful day at the FIVB World Tour’s Cancun Hub, with both Phil Dalhausser/Nick Lucena and Alix Klineman/April Ross earning bronze medals in the tournament.

Dalhausser/Lucena’s Return to the Podium

Dalhausser/Lucena secured their first medal in two years by defeating Adrian Ignacio Carambula/Enrico Rossi of Italy in a 2-0 sweep (21-19, 21-15). Although they fell to the eventual gold medalists, Cherif Younousse and Ahmed Tijan of Qatar, in the semifinals, this win marks their first FIVB World Tour medal since March 2019. Dalhausser/Lucena have an impressive track record, with a total of 20 podium finishes.


Klineman/Ross Maintain Consistency

Klineman/Ross added another bronze medal to their collection by sweeping Sarah Pavan/Melissa Humana-Paredes of Canada in a 2-0 victory (21-16, 21-15). This match was a clash between the top two teams in the world, with Pavan/Melissa currently leading the FIVB’s world rankings and Klineman/Ross closely behind in second place. The previous encounter between these teams resulted in a gold medal win for Klineman/Ross in the Katara Cup tournament held in March. With this win, Klineman/Ross now have two bronze medals from the Cancun hub.

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Strong Performance from the U.S. Teams

Overall, the U.S. Beach National Team showcased their strength throughout the Cancun Hub. All eight American main draw duos advanced to the knockout stage’s second round. Four teams received byes after winning their pools, and the remaining four won their first-round matchups.

Out of these eight teams, four advanced beyond the second round: Klineman/Ross, Dalhausser/Lucena, Kelly Claes/Sarah Sponcil, and Tri Bourne/Trevor Crabb. Claes/Sponcil and Bourne/Tr. Crabb were unfortunately eliminated in the quarterfinals, with Claes/Sponcil losing to Paredes/Melissa and Bourne/Tr. Crabb falling to Ilya Leshukov/Konstantin Semenov of Russia, who eventually became the runners-up.

Two teams, Brooke Sweat/Kerri Walsh Jennings and Taylor Crabb/Jake Gibb, were defeated by fellow American squads in the second round. Klineman/Ross emerged victoriously against Sweat/Walsh Jennings on their way to securing a bronze medal. In a tightly contested match, Ta. Crabb/Gibb lost to Bourne/Tr. Crabb (2-1: 26-28, 21-19, 15-13), the battle of the Crabb brothers.

Kelley Kolinske/Emily Stockman and Chaim Schalk/Theo Brunner were both eliminated in the second round by Dutch pairs.


Q: How many teams from the U.S. Beach National Team advanced to the quarterfinals?
A: Four teams advanced to the quarterfinals: Klineman/Ross, Dalhausser/Lucena, Kelly Claes/Sarah Sponcil, and Tri Bourne/Trevor Crabb.

Q: Which American teams did Klineman/Ross and Ta. Crabb/Gibb face in the second round?
A: Klineman/Ross defeated Brooke Sweat/Kerri Walsh Jennings, while Ta. Crabb/Gibb lost to Bourne/Tr. Crabb in a closely contested match.

Q: How many more Olympic qualifier tournaments are remaining on the World Tour schedule?
A: There are two more Olympic qualifier tournaments remaining on the World Tour schedule.

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The U.S. Beach National Team showcased their talent and determination at the Cancun Hub, with Dalhausser/Lucena and Klineman/Ross earning bronze medals. Their performances contribute to the team’s overall success, and they continue to compete for a spot in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Stay tuned for more thrilling beach volleyball action as the U.S. Beach National Team prepares for future tournaments.

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