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Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross Shine in Fort Lauderdale Major

Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross

Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross made a strong impression at the FIVB World Tour season opening Fort Lauderdale Major. In their first tournament together as a team, they showcased their talent and determination, finishing an impressive fourth place. Let’s take a closer look at their journey and achievements.

A Solid Performance

Sweat and Ross started their campaign with a perfect 3-0 record in pool play, displaying their skills and teamwork. They continued their winning streak in the second and third rounds, sweeping past their opponents. However, they faced tough challenges in their final two matches against the Czech Republic and Germany, resulting in losses.

In the women’s bronze medal match, Sweat and Ross battled against the No. 3 seed Chantal Laboureur/Julia Sude. Despite a commendable effort, they fell short and finished in fourth place. However, they showed great resilience throughout the tournament and expressed their determination to improve and aim for the podium in future competitions.

Promising Beginnings

Both athletes expressed their satisfaction with their performance in Fort Lauderdale. Sweat mentioned her pride in their tournament fight, while Ross eagerly looked forward to their upcoming practice sessions to become even better. Their positive attitude and dedication suggest that they have the potential to achieve great things in the future.

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Facing Tough Competition

Sweat and Ross faced a formidable challenge in the women’s semifinals against Larissa Franca/Talita Antunes of Brazil. Despite their early lead, the Americans were unable to maintain their momentum, ultimately losing the match. Sweat acknowledged the skill and versatility of the Brazilian pair and the difficulties they posed in defending against their shots.

Impressive Results for Team USA

The Fort Lauderdale Major proved to be a successful tournament for Team USA, with multiple teams making their mark. Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena secured their 13th team FIVB medal, reaffirming their status as top contenders. Other teams, such as John Hyden/Ryan Doherty, Jake Gibb/Taylor Crabb, and Theo Brunner/Casey Patterson, also showcased their talent and potential for future success.

Looking Ahead

As the season progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the developments in the women’s division. One question that remains is the partnership of Lauren Fendrick and Sara Hughes. Will Hughes team up with her long-time USC partner Kelly Claes? The return of Hughes and Claes to their collegiate season at USC adds another intriguing element to the mix.


1. How did Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross perform in the Fort Lauderdale Major?
Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross finished fourth, impressing with their skills and determination throughout the tournament.

2. Who were their toughest opponents in the tournament?
Sweat and Ross faced a formidable challenge from Larissa Franca/Talita Antunes of Brazil in the women’s semifinals.

3. How did other Team USA athletes fare in the Fort Lauderdale Major?
Team USA had a successful tournament, with multiple teams finishing in the top positions. Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena secured their 13th team FIVB medal, while other teams showed promise for future success.

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4. What is the outlook for the U.S. women’s division?
The women’s division is filled with excitement and anticipation. The potential partnership of Sara Hughes and Kelly Claes adds another layer of intrigue to the upcoming competitions.


Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross showcased their talent and determination in the Fort Lauderdale Major. Despite finishing fourth, their performance suggests that they have the potential to become top competitors in the future. With their positive attitude and dedication to improvement, their journey is one to watch closely. Stay tuned for more exciting moments in beach volleyball as the season unfolds.