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Tstreet Dominates 14 Open, Captures Championship Title

Tstreet goes for the block against TAV in the 14 Open final.

Tstreet, a powerhouse team from the Southern California Region, emerged victorious in the 14 Open category at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships. Led by right side hitter Julia Waugh, Tstreet clinched the title with a thrilling 25-21, 25-19 win over TAV 14 Black from the North Texas Region. This victory marked the culmination of an impressive tournament where Tstreet finished with an outstanding 9-2 record.

A Triumph Fueled by Teamwork and Resilience

Throughout the match, Tstreet showcased their dominance, but they also faced moments of adversity against TAV’s formidable offense. In those crucial moments, Tstreet head coach Tanner Carson reminded his team to stay focused on their motto: “Breathe, believe, battle.” The captains of the team, Nicole Feliciano and Julia Waugh, emphasized the strength of their teamwork as a driving force behind their success.

The dedication and hard work Tstreet put into their preparation paid off. They approached each practice session with a singular focus on the present moment, constantly striving to improve themselves for the national stage. For eight of the players, including Waugh and Feliciano, this victory represented a return trip for a medal. Last year, they secured a bronze medal as part of Tstreet 13-Taylor in the 13 Open category.

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Tanner Carson expressed his admiration for the entire team, highlighting the exceptional skills and unwavering support exhibited by all the players. Even those who didn’t have the opportunity to be on the court during the matches played their roles with immense dedication and wholehearted support.

Relentless Battles and Unwavering Determination in Other Divisions

The 14 National division witnessed an intense showdown between Premier Nebraska 14 Gold from the Great Plains Region and Six Pack 14 from the Iowa Region. Premier Nebraska displayed incredible resilience by winning the last two sets after losing the opening set. Captain and libero Makenzie Dyrstad credited their victory to the trust and unity instilled in them by coach Ashley Martin.

In the 14 USA category, TAV 14 Blue from the North Texas Region showcased their dominance, triumphing in every match except for a round 2 loss to Vision 14 Gold from the Northern California Region. In the championship match against Tribe 14 Elite Sebastian from the Florida Region, TAV never faced any real threat, securing the title with a comfortable 25-12, 25-17 win.

Texas Image (TIV) 14 Black from the North Texas Region claimed the 14 American title with a hard-fought 25-23, 25-23 victory over Miz LB 14 Rockstar from the Southern California Region. Head coach Petela Afungia commended the tremendous progress made by the team, highlighting their growth, trust, and unity.

In the Patriot division, Wave 14 Scott emerged as the unbeaten champions, overpowering Empowered 14 Elite Red from the Hoosier Region in the final match with a convincing 25-16, 25-18 win.

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Q: How did Tstreet manage to secure the 14 Open title?

A: Tstreet’s victory in the 14 Open category can be attributed to their exceptional teamwork, resilience, and unwavering determination. They maintained focus on their motto of “Breathe, believe, battle” and worked together seamlessly to overcome any challenges they faced.

Q: How did Premier Nebraska turn the tables in the 14 National division championship match?

A: Premier Nebraska showcased their fighting spirit by winning the last two sets after losing the opening set. They adjusted their approach, played together as a team, and trusted each other’s abilities, ultimately securing a hard-earned victory.

Q: What elements contributed to Texas Image’s impressive growth in the 14 American category?

A: Texas Image made remarkable progress throughout the season, culminating in their victory in the 14 American category. Their dedication, trust, and unity played a crucial role in their growth, enabling them to qualify for the national championships and achieve a well-deserved triumph.


The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships witnessed thrilling battles across various divisions. Tstreet’s remarkable victory in the 14 Open category showcased their exceptional teamwork and resilience. Premier Nebraska, TAV 14 Blue, and Texas Image emerged as champions in the 14 National, 14 USA, and 14 American categories, respectively, displaying their unwavering determination and remarkable progress. Wave 14 Scott dominated the Patriot division, maintaining an unbeaten record to claim the gold. These accomplishments stand as a testament to the dedication, skill, and passion exhibited by these exceptional teams.

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