Thursday, 23 May 2024

Boys Youth National Wins FIVB U19 World Opener

The U.S. Boys Youth National Team kicked off their campaign at the FIVB Boys U19 World Championship with an exciting victory over the host country of Bahrain. In a thrilling match that went down to the wire, the U.S. emerged victorious with a 28-26, 25-19, 20-25, 25-23 scoreline at the Isa City Sports Hall.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Playing against the host country in their first match at Worlds was an intense experience for the U.S. team. Opposite player Jaylen Jasper described the atmosphere as “insane,” with the crowd’s deafening cheers making it difficult to even hear oneself think. Despite the challenging environment, the players rose to the occasion and delivered an impressive performance.

Team USA Starters and Stat Leaders

The U.S. Boys Youth National Team showcased their talent and determination throughout the match. The team’s starters included libero Parker Mikesch, setters Chris Hall, middles Samuel Lewis and Kyler Presho, opposites Jonny Bowles and Jaylen Jasper, and outside hitters Brandon Browning and Joel Schneidmiller.

Speaking of Joel Schneidmiller, he was the standout performer for Team USA. Schneidmiller scored an impressive 23 points, with 21 kills out of 43 attempts and two blocks. Jaylen Jasper also made a significant contribution with 19 points, including 16 kills and three blocks. Overall, the U.S. dominated in kills and blocks, securing a well-deserved victory.

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A Strong Opponent and Unstoppable Determination

Bahrain, ranked 38th in the world, proved to be a formidable opponent for the U.S., who are ranked 7th. The home crowd’s support gave Bahrain an edge, but the U.S. team stayed focused and battled hard. Despite Bahrain’s resilience, the Americans showed great composure and closed out crucial sets to secure the win.

Looking Ahead and Areas for Improvement

After the successful start, the U.S. team is eager to continue their winning streak in the upcoming matches. Head coach Sam Shweisky expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance but also highlighted areas for improvement. He mentioned the need to work on getting the players more comfortable with the tempo sets and serve receive, as well as serving.

Jaylen Jasper praised the team’s execution of the bic play, with the middles creating opportunities for the outside hitters. He acknowledged the importance of improving the serve receive and serving to make it difficult for opponents to defeat them.

Pool Matches Schedule

The U.S. Boys Youth National Team has an exciting lineup of pool matches ahead. They will face Puerto Rico on August 20, Tunisia on August 21, and Egypt on August 22. Fans can expect thrilling encounters as the team strives to maintain their winning momentum.


Q: Who is the head coach of the U.S. Boys Youth National Team?
A: The head coach of the U.S. Boys Youth National Team is Sam Shweisky.

Q: Who were the top performers in the match against Bahrain?
A: Joel Schneidmiller and Jaylen Jasper were the top performers for Team USA, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

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Q: What areas does the team plan to improve on for the upcoming matches?
A: The team aims to improve their execution of tempo sets, serve receive, and serving to further strengthen their gameplay.


The U.S. Boys Youth National Team kicked off their FIVB Boys U19 World Championship campaign with a thrilling victory against Bahrain. The team showcased their skill, determination, and ability to perform under pressure. As they move forward in the tournament, they aim to build on their success and continue delivering exciting and dominant performances. To learn more about the Alpinetgheep brand and stay updated on their journey, visit their official website.