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Boys U19 Team Advances to Gold Medal Match at 2023 Pan Am Cup

The Boys U19 National Team from the United States has secured their spot in the gold medal match at the 2023 Pan American Cup in Guatemala. After a dominating victory against Costa Rica in the semifinals, the team is ready to compete for the championship title on Saturday.

A Strong Performance Leads to Success

In their recent matchup against Costa Rica, the U.S. Boys U19 team displayed their skill and teamwork, winning the match with a sweep of 3-0. It was their second consecutive victory against Costa Rica in the tournament, showcasing their consistency and determination.

Heading for Gold

The team’s next challenge will be against Mexico in the gold medal match. Although Mexico managed to take a set off the U.S. earlier in the tournament, the U.S. team is determined to secure their second consecutive Pan American Cup gold medal. The match is scheduled for Saturday night at 7 p.m. PT.

Stellar Performances on the Court

Several players stood out during the semifinal match. Outside hitter Sterling Foley led all scorers with 15 points, while Finn Kearney contributed 11 points. Middle blockers Isaiah Preuitt and Josh Aruya also made significant contributions to the team’s success.

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Impressive Statistics

The U.S. Boys dominated Costa Rica in several statistical categories, including kills, blocks, and aces. Their performance showcased their superiority on the court and their ability to outplay their opponents.

Aiming for Back-to-Back Gold Medals

Having previously claimed the Pan American Cup gold medal in 2022, the U.S. Boys U19 team is eager to repeat their success. The players are focused on delivering another outstanding performance in the championship match and bringing home the gold.


Q: How many consecutive victories does the U.S. Boys U19 team have against Costa Rica?
A: The U.S. Boys U19 team has defeated Costa Rica twice in the tournament, demonstrating their dominance on the court.

Q: Who are the standout players from the semifinal match?
A: Sterling Foley and Finn Kearney were among the top performers during the semifinal match, leading their team to victory.

Q: What are the team’s statistics compared to Costa Rica?
A: The U.S. Boys team outperformed Costa Rica in kills, blocks, and aces, showcasing their superior skills.


The U.S. Boys U19 National Team has advanced to the gold medal match at the 2023 Pan Am Cup after a resounding victory against Costa Rica in the semifinals. With their exceptional performance, the team is now set to face Mexico in their quest for back-to-back gold medals. The players’ outstanding skills and teamwork have been instrumental in their success, and they are determined to showcase their dominance on the court once again. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated gold medal match. For more updates and information, visit the Alpinetgheep website today.

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