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Boys U19 Roster for World Champs Filled with Experience

The Men’s U19 National Team for the 2023 FIVB Men’s U19 World Championship has been finalized, bringing together a talented group of twenty players. The tournament, taking place from August 2-11 in San Juan, Argentina, will showcase the skills and teamwork of these young athletes.

Selecting the Team

To prepare for the World Championship, the team will undergo intensive training from July 22-30 at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. During this period, the coaching staff will carefully assess the players’ performance and select the final twelve who will represent the country on the world stage.

Returning Champions

Building on their successes from the past, twelve players from the gold-winning 2023 U19 Pan Am Cup roster have been chosen. These experienced athletes include Sterling Foley, Sean Kelly, Victor Loiola, Sebastiano Sani, Josh Aruya, Gaige Gabriel, Isaiah Preuitt, Finn Kearney, Marek Turner, Tread Rosenthal, Trent Taliaferro, and Kellen Larson. Additionally, Roan Alviar and Cole Hartke will join as alternates, adding depth to the team.

Previous Achievements

Many of the returning players have received individual awards in previous tournaments. Sean Kelly, Tread Rosenthal, Kellen Larson, and Josh Aruya stood out in the 2023 U19 Pan Am Cup, with Rosenthal being named the tournament’s MVP. The 2022 Boys U19 Team, which won the Pan Am Cup for the first time and secured a spot in the 2023 World Championship, will also be represented by nine players, including Kaumana Carreira and Tread Rosenthal.

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Joining the team are four newcomers: Ryan Gant, Grant Lamoureux, Jack Mally, and Caleb Sapp. These young athletes will have the opportunity to learn from their more experienced teammates and make their mark in international competition.

Coaching Staff

Leading the team is head coach Charlie Sullivan from Springfield College. Assisting him are Theo Edwards from Cal State Northridge and Lindsay Brown from Loyola of Chicago. Together, they bring their expertise and passion for the sport to guide the team towards success.

The Road Ahead

The U.S. team will face tough competition in their opening pool, going head-to-head with Argentina, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Serbia. However, with their wealth of experience and talent, the Boys U19 Roster is ready to take on the challenge and showcase their skills at the World Championship.


Q: Who are the coaches for the Boys U19 National Team?

A: The head coach for the Boys U19 National Team is Charlie Sullivan, with assistants Theo Edwards and Lindsay Brown.

Q: How many returning players are there in the team?

A: There are twelve returning players from the gold-winning 2023 U19 Pan Am Cup roster.


The Boys U19 National Team has announced its roster for the upcoming World Championship, featuring a talented group of twenty players. With a mix of experienced athletes and promising newcomers, the team is set to compete against some of the best teams in the world. Led by head coach Charlie Sullivan and his coaching staff, the team will undergo intensive training to fine-tune their skills and build their chemistry before the tournament. With high hopes and determination, the Boys U19 National Team aims to make a strong impact at the World Championship and bring home success for the United States.

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