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Boys Teams Build Legacies on First Championship Day at BJNC

In an unforgettable display of skill and determination, several teams successfully claimed victory at the Boys Junior National Championship in Las Vegas. Aspire Volleyball, hailing from Tempe, Arizona, showcased their dominance by securing two titles in the 14 Club and 15 Club divisions. The competition was fierce, but Aspire Volleyball’s unwavering performance left no doubt about their deserved success.

Aspire 15 Black Panther and Aspire 14 Groot: Undefeated Champions

Aspire 15 Black Panther emerged as the indomitable force in the 15 Club division, sweeping through the competition with a perfect 10-0 record. Not a single set was lost as they triumphed over West Edge 15 in the final, displaying exceptional teamwork and skill.

The journey of Aspire 14 Groot mirrored their counterparts in the 15 Club. They too remained undefeated, with the only blemish being the loss of a set to Top Flight 14 Black earlier in the tournament. However, in the final, they were able to overcome Arizona Fear 14JS to claim victory.

Triumph Volleyball Academy’s Addix 16 Mint: The Unstoppable Force

Triumph Volleyball Academy’s Addix 16 Mint put on a show in the 16 Club division, securing the title with an impeccable 12-0 record. Their journey to triumph was not without challenges, facing a formidable opponent in SC Legends 16 Elite in an intense gold-medal match. Despite setbacks and injuries, Triumph Volleyball Academy’s Addix 16 Mint fought back and emerged victorious.

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Reigning Champions in 16 Open, 15 Open, and 14 Open

C2 Attack 16 SMACK demonstrated their dominance in the 16 Open division, displaying exceptional skills as they claimed the championship. Head coach Brian Hogg praised his team’s growth and determination, emphasizing their resilience throughout the season.

San Juan 15-1 showcased their unwavering spirit in the 15 Open division. Overcoming previous setbacks, they triumphed over HVA Performance Red in a thrilling three-set match, demonstrating their ability to rise above adversity.

In the 14 Open division, Torrimar 15-1 stood tall as victors. The highly anticipated final against Excel 14N Red lived up to its hype, with Torrimar 15-1 emerging as the triumphant team.

Impressive Feats in 16 USA, 15 USA, and 14 USA

Minnesota Select 16 National not only claimed the gold medal in the 16 USA division but also became the epitome of the state’s dedication to boys’ volleyball. Their victory held significance beyond the team, symbolizing their commitment to fostering the growth of the sport in Minnesota.

Old Dominion Volleyball Academy 15 East Coast battled through a challenging division in the 15 USA category, ultimately emerging victorious. Their hard-fought journey and triumphant performance spoke volumes about their resilience and determination.

Beach Cities 14 Black bounced back from an earlier loss to secure the title in the 14 USA division. The team’s tenacity and hard work propelled them to victory in a thrilling three-set match against HVA 14 Young Guns Red.

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  1. Who were the standout teams at the Boys Junior National Championship in Las Vegas?

    • Aspire Volleyball, especially Aspire 15 Black Panther and Aspire 14 Groot, showcased exceptional skills and emerged as champions in their respective divisions.
  2. Which team demonstrated resilience and perseverance to claim victory?

    • Triumph Volleyball Academy’s Addix 16 Mint faced numerous obstacles and injuries but emerged as champions in the 16 Club division, highlighting their determination and ability to overcome adversity.
  3. In which division did Minnesota Select 16 National secure the gold medal?

    • Minnesota Select 16 National claimed victory in the 16 USA division, representing not only their team but the state’s commitment to boys’ volleyball.


The Boys Junior National Championship in Las Vegas witnessed remarkable performances and inspiring stories of triumph. Aspire Volleyball, Triumph Volleyball Academy’s Addix 16 Mint, C2 Attack 16 SMACK, San Juan 15-1, Torrimar 15-1, Minnesota Select 16 National, Old Dominion Volleyball Academy 15 East Coast, and Beach Cities 14 Black all etched their names in the annals of volleyball history with their exceptional performances. These teams demonstrated unwavering determination, resilience, and skill, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of boys’ volleyball. Don’t miss out on the action and excitement of future championships! Visit our website to stay updated and join in celebrating the incredible skills and accomplishments of these talented athletes.