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BJNC Set to Make History in Phoenix

The USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships (BJNC) is set to take place at the Phoenix Convention Center from July 2-9, and it’s anticipated to be a record-breaking event. With the number of participating teams and athletes on the rise, this year’s BJNC promises to be the biggest and best yet.

A Growing Phenomenon

A staggering total of 578 teams and nearly 6,000 athletes from Hawaii to New England, Puerto Rico to Canada, will be converging in Phoenix to compete across 15 age groups ranging from 12 to 18. This represents an impressive 13.3 percent increase in participation compared to the previous year, where the record was already broken with 510 teams.

This growth is a testament to the strength of boys’ junior volleyball programs in the United States. The BJNC, as the signature event, plays a crucial role in nurturing young talent, creating pathways for athletes to play at the collegiate varsity level and beyond. More colleges are now offering men’s volleyball programs, which means more opportunities for aspiring athletes to pursue their passion even after high school. Ultimately, this increased participation at the youth club and collegiate levels strengthens the quality and depth of the U.S. Men’s National Team.

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The Tournament Experience

The BJNC spans over eight days and is played on 47 courts inside the Phoenix Convention Center. Most age divisions follow a four-day tournament structure, with the exception of the two youngest divisions. This year marks the introduction of the USA Division in the 16s, 17s, and 18s age groups. Teams competing in the Open and USA Divisions must qualify through USA Volleyball bid tournaments held nationwide or secure at-large selections based on bid tournament results.

2018 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships Schedule

  • 18 Open, USA, and Club Divisions: July 2-5
  • 17 Open, USA, and Club Divisions: July 6-9
  • 16 Open, USA, and Club Divisions: July 4-7
  • 15 Open and Club Divisions: July 5-8
  • 14 Open and Club Divisions: July 3-6
  • 13 Club Division: July 7-9
  • 12 Club Division: July 2-4

With an estimated 18,000 friends and family members accompanying the teams, the Phoenix area will be abuzz with volleyball fever.

Local and International Presence

Among the 578 teams competing at the BJNC, 40 teams proudly represent the state of Arizona. AZ Fear 18 JB will be competing in the prestigious 18 Open Division, while AZ Fear 17 TD and Aspire 17 Blk will showcase their skills in the 17 Open Division. Additionally, AZ Fear 16 RW will be representing Arizona in the 16 Open Division.

The neighboring regions of Southern California Volleyball Association and Northern California Volleyball Association will also have a strong presence, with 155 and 69 teams respectively. Furthermore, the tournament welcomes teams from outside the continental United States, including 22 squads from the Aloha Region and two from the Moku O Keawe Region in Hawaii, 18 teams from Puerto Rico, and one team from Canada.

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Phoenix: A Volleyball Hotspot

This isn’t the first time the BJNC has been held in Phoenix; the tournament previously took place in the city in 2001 and 2003. Phoenix has also hosted the 2010 and 2014 USA Volleyball Open National Championships for adults, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for volleyball events.

It’s worth noting that Sport Court is the official athletic flooring for all USA Volleyball national championship events.


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The USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships in Phoenix promises to be a record-breaking event. With an ever-growing number of teams and athletes, this year’s BJNC showcases the strength and passion of boys’ junior volleyball programs across the nation. The opportunity to compete at such a prestigious event not only furthers individual development but also contributes to the overall growth of the sport in the United States. As players make their mark in Phoenix, they pave the way for the future of volleyball.

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