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The world of beach volleyball is abuzz with excitement as the FIVB World Tour heads to China. Meanwhile, the AVP Tour is all set for its first stop of the season in Louisiana. The NORCECA Continental Tour is also making its way to Costa Rica. This article will provide you with all the information you need about these tournaments and more.

FIVB World Tour: Xiamen Open – The Countdown Begins

The FIVB World Tour is in full swing, with the Xiamen Open in China marking the countdown to the final eight events before the June 13 ranking deadline. This deadline presents countries with their next opportunity to qualify a quota spot for the 2016 Olympics.

The Xiamen Open is the first of two stops in China and is crucial for teams hoping to secure their place in the Olympics. Countries that haven’t qualified through the Beach World Championships or as the host nation will be looking to gain two quota spots per gender based on their rankings. If they don’t qualify through rankings, they will have the chance to do so via their continental cup qualification, followed by a last chance for a second quota spot in July.

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Currently, the U.S. has three teams in both genders that are within the needed ranking cutoff of the Top 17 (excluding the two spots already taken by Brazil). Teams must have at least 12 events with their partner to be eligible for rankings. The U.S. teams of Kerri Walsh Jennings/April Ross, Lauren Fendrick/Brooke Sweat, and Jennifer Kessy/Emily Day are all in contention and will be striving to improve their rankings in the upcoming events.

The Road to Rio: A Battle for Qualification

To qualify for the Olympics, teams must not only have a minimum of 12 events with their partner, but they must also rank in the Top 17 (including Brazil’s qualified teams) and be one of the top two for their respective country. Teams that have reached the minimum requirement of 12 events keep their 12 best finishes.

In the U.S., the quota spot for the Olympics will be awarded to the top two teams based on their rankings. These rankings will determine the seeding for the opening round of the Olympics.

One team to watch out for is John Hyden/Tri Bourne, who are still seeking to improve their provisional Olympic rankings. As the only U.S. men’s team attending the Xiamen Open, they will need to finish ninth or better to boost their point total.

In the women’s category, five American teams will be competing in Xiamen. The top-ranked U.S. team, Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross, will be aiming for another medal performance. Lauren Fendrick/Brooke Sweat and Jennifer Kessy/Emily Day will also be looking to better their provisional Olympic ranking points.

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Q: How do teams improve their rankings?
Teams can improve their rankings by achieving better finishes than their previous top 12 results in the upcoming events. The remaining World Tour events are crucial for teams from all countries to enhance their rankings.

Q: How is the quota spot for the Olympics determined for the U.S.?
The top two U.S. teams will earn the quota spot for the Olympics. These teams will be determined based on their rankings and will play a crucial part in the opening round of the Olympics.


The world of beach volleyball is gearing up for an action-packed season. The FIVB World Tour is in China, the AVP Tour opens in Louisiana, and the NORCECA Continental Tour heads to Costa Rica. The road to Rio is heating up as teams battle it out for Olympic qualification. Stay tuned for more updates on the Alpinetgheep website, your ultimate source for beach volleyball news and insights.

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