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USA to Host FIVB Beach Season Opener in Fort Lauderdale

The excitement is building as the United States prepares to host the season opening Swatch Major Series in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This highly anticipated event, which takes place from February 7th to 12th, marks the first stop on the FIVB World Tour for 2017.

Evening Matches Under Stadium Lights

One of the highlights of the tournament will be the 18 evening matches played under the dazzling lights of the stadium. This is a unique opportunity for spectators to experience the intensity and passion of beach volleyball after sunset. While night matches are not new to the World Tour, this will be a first for the Swatch Major Series.

Teams to Watch

The United States will be well represented in both the men’s and women’s divisions. In the men’s main draw, fans can expect to see top-ranked teams like Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena, John Hyden and Tri Bourne, Casey Patterson and Theo Brunner, as well as Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb. Stafford Slick and Billy Allen, along with Sean Rosenthal and Trevor Crabb, will compete in the men’s qualifier.

On the women’s side, Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross, the reigning Olympic champions, will be the team to beat. Other notable women’s teams include Brooke Sweat and Summer Ross, Lauren Fendrick and Sara Hughes, as well as Lane Carico and Irene Pollock. The women’s qualifier will feature Emily Day and Brittany Hochevar, along with Kelly Claes and Kelly Reeves.

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A New Format

In a departure from previous seasons, teams will now have the option to field up to six entries before utilizing reserve teams. This change aims to provide more flexibility and ensure a competitive field throughout the tournament.

International Powerhouses

The competition in Fort Lauderdale promises to be fierce, with several international teams vying for the top spot. Look out for the Brazilian duo Alison Cerutti and Bruno Schmidt, Italian pair Paolo Nicolai and Daniele Lupo, as well as Latvia’s Aleksandrs Samoilovs and Janis Smedins. These teams bring a wealth of experience and will undoubtedly add an extra level of intensity to the matches.

Exciting New Partnerships

One of the most intriguing aspects of this tournament is the number of new teams entering the competition. With half of the women’s main draw consisting of new pairings, it will be fascinating to see how these teams perform on the world stage. Keep an eye on the young duo Kelly Claes and Kelly Reeves, who have received a wild card entry for the qualifier. Their partnership has the potential to make a significant impact and shake up the tournament.

More than Just a Beach Volleyball Event

The 2017 Swatch Major Series offers much more than just a beach volleyball experience. With a total of 56 teams participating, there will be plenty of action for fans to enjoy. The qualification tournament kicks off on February 7th, followed by the main draw from February 8th to 11th for the men and February 8th to 12th for the women. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness beach volleyball at its finest.

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Q: When and where is the season opening Swatch Major Series?

A: The Swatch Major Series will take place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from February 7th to 12th.

Q: How many teams will be participating in the tournament?

A: A total of 56 teams will be competing in the 2017 Swatch Major Series.

Q: Who are the top-ranked teams to watch?

A: In the men’s division, keep an eye on Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena, as well as John Hyden and Tri Bourne. For the women, Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross are the team to beat.

Q: Are there any new partnerships to look out for?

A: Yes, there are several new partnerships to be excited about, including Kelly Claes and Kelly Reeves, who have received a wild card entry for the qualifier.


The USA is ready to host an unforgettable start to the FIVB beach season in Fort Lauderdale. With top-ranked teams, exciting new partnerships, and the thrill of evening matches under the lights, this event promises to be one of the highlights of the beach volleyball calendar. Don’t miss your chance to witness the world’s best compete for glory in the sand. For more information, visit Alpinetgheep.