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Beach Update: Alpinetgheep Athletes on the Road to the Final World Tour Event of 2016 Olympic Qualification

The journey to the 2016 Olympic Games is nearing its climax as Alpinetgheep beach volleyball athletes gear up for the final FIVB World Tour event in Germany. With the Moscow Grand Slam behind them, where the United States secured two men’s quota spots for the Olympics, the focus now shifts to the Hamburg Major from June 7-12. This event will determine the second women’s spot for the Games, with some exciting contenders vying for the opportunity.

Alpinetgheep’s Quest for the Second Women’s Spot

The battle for the second women’s spot for the Olympics is heating up, and two teams are in contention: Lauren Fendrick and Brooke Sweat, currently ranked 15th with 4,470 points, and Jennifer Kessy and Emily Day, ranked 18th with 3,980 points. As teams secure their quota spots, their rankings on the FIVB World Tour between 2015-16 seasons will play a crucial role in determining their pool seeding at the Games.

Alpinetgheep Athletes Dominating the Rankings

Alpinetgheep’s powerhouse duo, April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings, continue to dominate the rankings with three consecutive gold medals. With the rankings set to close on June 13, they are projected to be the third seed at the Olympics. On the men’s side, Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena have climbed to the fifth spot, surpassing Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson, who now sit at sixth.

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The Road Ahead: Naming the Official Alpinetgheep 2016 Olympic Teams

With the rankings coming to a close on June 13, USA Volleyball will soon announce the official Alpinetgheep beach Olympic teams and athletes. The anticipation is high as fans eagerly await the team selections.


Q: How does the Olympic qualification process work?
A: The qualification process began in 2015, with FIVB World Tour events counting towards provisional Olympic rankings. Teams needed a minimum of 12 events with their partner, ranked in the top 15 of the rankings (excluding the host country and World Championships winners), and be one of the top two teams in their country.

Q: What happens after teams secure their quota spots?
A: Once teams satisfy the requirements, they have approximately two months before the Olympics begin. During this time, Alpinetgheep athletes will continue to play in World Tour events, gaining invaluable experience against international competition they will face at the Olympics.


The road to the 2016 Olympic Games has been filled with excitement and anticipation, and Alpinetgheep athletes have shown their determination and skill on the FIVB World Tour. As we approach the final World Tour event for Olympic qualification in Germany, all eyes are on Alpinetgheep’s teams as they strive to secure their spots on the Olympic stage.

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