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Beach Update: U.S. Pairs Shine at Stormy Manhattan Beach Open

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Aug. 21, 2023) – The beach volleyball scene witnessed two major events that showcased the talent and resilience of U.S. pairs. Despite challenging weather conditions, athletes from the U.S. Beach National Team delivered impressive performances at the 2022 AVP Manhattan Beach Open. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights from these competitions and celebrate the achievements of these talented athletes.

AVP Manhattan Beach Open Recap

The AVP 2023 Manhattan Beach Open concluded with a new set of winners emerging amidst the rain and storm caused by tropical storm Hilary. Despite the soggy conditions, the competition was fierce and captivating.


On the men’s side, the duo of Taylor Crabb and Taylor Sander showed their dominance by winning their first three matches of the winner’s bracket. However, their winning streak was disrupted when they faced the No. 1 seed U.S. Beach National Team pair of Trevor Crabb and Theo Brunner. The intense matchup resulted in the Crabb brothers prevailing and sending Taylor Crabb and Sander to the contender’s bracket.

Undeterred by their setback, Taylor Crabb and Sander fought their way through the contender’s bracket, defeating Chase Budinger and Miles Evans to secure a spot in the semifinals. In a rainy rematch, they faced Trevor Crabb and Brunner again, emerging victorious in straight sets to claim the Manhattan Beach Open title. This win marked their first championship at the iconic event.

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In the women’s bracket, the competition was filled with high stakes and unexpected results. The top-seeded pair, Betsi Flint and Julia Scoles, faced an early upset against Chloe Loreen and Natalie Robinson. However, displaying their resilience, Flint and Scoles fought their way through the contender’s bracket, winning seven consecutive matches to reach the semifinals.

In a remarkable comeback, Flint and Scoles defeated defending MBO champions Kelley Kolinske and Hailey Harward in the final, securing the title with a convincing victory. Their triumph showcased their perseverance and ability to perform under pressure.

Hamburg Recap

In Germany, three U.S. Beach National Team pairs competed at the Elite16 in Hamburg, further highlighting the strength of U.S. beach volleyball.

On the men’s side, Miles Partain and Andy Benesh showcased their skills but fell short in their quest for a medal. Despite their best efforts, they were defeated in the quarterfinals by the formidable Swedish duo of Ahman and Hellvig.

Meanwhile, Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss displayed their tenacity and talent on the women’s side, securing a silver medal in a hard-fought final against Ana Patricia and Duda from Brazil.

The team of Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes also showcased their prowess but fell to the Brazilian duo of Carol and Barbara in the quarterfinals.


Q: Who were the winners of the AVP Manhattan Beach Open?
A: Taylor Crabb and Taylor Sander emerged as the champions in the men’s category, while Betsi Flint and Julia Scoles clinched the title in the women’s category.

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Q: Which U.S. pairs competed at the Elite16 in Hamburg?
A: Miles Partain and Andy Benesh represented the U.S. in the men’s competition, while Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss, along with Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes, competed in the women’s category.


In summary, the U.S. Beach National Team showcased their skills and resilience at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open and the Elite16 in Hamburg. Despite challenging weather conditions, Taylor Crabb and Taylor Sander claimed the men’s title, while Betsi Flint and Julia Scoles secured the women’s championship. This success highlights the depth of talent within the U.S. beach volleyball scene. As the athletes continue to compete and excel on the international stage, the future looks promising for American beach volleyball.

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