Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Beach Update: Reports Theo Brunner and Trevor Crabb’s Historic Win at Espinho

Colorado Springs, CO – In a thrilling display of talent and teamwork, U.S. men’s beach volleyball team Theo Brunner and Trevor Crabb secured their first-ever international gold medal at the Pro Beach Tour Espinho Challenge. This victory marks their third consecutive gold for U.S. men’s beach teams, signaling their dominance in the sport.

A Remarkable Journey to Victory

Brunner and Crabb’s path to the top was not an easy one. They had to face the grueling qualifier on Thursday, emerging victorious in seven out of eight matches during the tournament. In the final, they triumphed over Austrian duo Alexander Horst and Julian Hörl with a decisive 2-0 victory (21-16, 21-17).

Rising Stars of the Beach

This international gold medal is a significant milestone for Brunner and Crabb as they began their partnership at the start of this season. Prior to their triumph in Portugal, the duo achieved commendable fifth-place finishes in challenge tournaments in La Paz, Mexico, Saquarema, Brazil, and Jurmala, Latvia.

Celebrating the Victory

An elated Crabb expressed his joy, stating, “It feels great. For both of us, it had been a while since we had last won an international medal, so we’re going to enjoy this one. It’s been awesome to play here in Espinho.” Brunner, equally thrilled, commented, “We’ve only been together for six months, and we’ve been working so hard. We’re super happy, but also exhausted.”

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Impressive Track Record

Crabb, with three FIVB World Tour titles in 2018, had established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the beach volleyball world. Brunner, on the other hand, had secured one international victory in a 2021 FIVB World Tour event with Chaim Schalk. Their skill, determination, and partnership have now propelled them to new heights.

Rankings and Future Prospects

The duo’s exceptional performance in Espinho catapulted them 20 spots up the men’s FIVB Beach Volleyball World Ranking, placing them at an all-time high of number 26. With 800 points earned from their gold medal win, Brunner and Crabb now hold a total of 3,820 points, making them the second-highest ranked U.S. men’s duo.

In the provisional Olympic ranking, Brunner and Crabb have surpassed previous leaders Schalk and Bourne, securing the top position for American duos at 11th place. The highest-ranked U.S. teams as of June 10, 2024, within the top 17 overall, will qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

What’s Next?

The excitement continues as eight U.S. women’s beach teams and six men’s teams gear up for the upcoming Edmonton Challenge event in Canada from July 20-23. The competition promises to deliver thrilling matches and showcase the incredible talent of these athletes.


  1. How many times have Theo Brunner and Trevor Crabb won gold in international tournaments?

    • The Pro Beach Tour Espinho Challenge victory marked their first-ever international gold medal.
  2. What were Brunner and Crabb’s best results before their victory in Espinho?

    • Before their triumph in Portugal, the duo achieved commendable fifth-place finishes in challenge tournaments in La Paz, Mexico, Saquarema, Brazil, and Jurmala, Latvia.
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Summary proudly reports on the historic victory of Theo Brunner and Trevor Crabb in the Pro Beach Tour Espinho Challenge. Their hard-fought win secured them their first international gold medal and marked their third consecutive gold for U.S. men’s beach teams. Brunner and Crabb’s remarkable journey showcases their talent, dedication, and teamwork, solidifying their position among the rising stars of beach volleyball. With an impressive track record and a newfound high rank, the duo is poised for a promising future in the sport. Stay tuned for more thrilling beach volleyball action as the Edmonton Challenge approaches. Cheer on our U.S. teams as they strive for victory on the sand.