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Beach Update: Budinger/Field Win Silver at Maldives Challenge

On October 17, 2022, Chase Budinger and Troy Field achieved an impressive feat at the Maldives Challenge, securing their second Beach Pro Tour medal. Despite a 21-17, 21-18 loss in the final to Qatar’s Ahmed Tijan Janko and Cherif Younousse, who are ranked 7th in the world, Budinger and Field claimed the silver medal. This success marks a significant improvement for U.S. men’s beach teams and highlights their exceptional performance on the global stage.

U.S. Men’s Beach Teams Continue to Thrive

Budinger/Field’s achievement represents a positive turn for U.S. men’s beach teams overall. According to, this podium finish signifies the first medal at a top-tier beach event for a U.S. men’s team since Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb won gold at the Chetumal four-star in November 2019. It is a commendable accomplishment that showcases the talent and determination of American athletes in the sport.

Other U.S. men’s teams also demonstrated their competitive spirit by advancing to the main draw. Andy Benesh/Miles Partain performed exceptionally well, winning their pool to secure a spot in the Round of 16. They showcased their skills by defeating Stankevicius/Knasas (LTU) in a thrilling three-set match. Despite falling to eventual champions Cherif/Ahmed in the quarterfinals (22-20, 22-20), Benesh/Partain finished in a strong fifth place. This result marks their best performance to date as a team on the Beach Pro Tour and serves as a testament to their talent and potential.

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Logan Webber/Evan Cory also displayed their prowess by overcoming their teammates Adam Roberts/Cody Caldwell and advancing to the Round of 16 after winning their pool. Unfortunately, they faced a formidable opponent in Cherif/Ahmed and were defeated with scores of 21-15, 21-13. Nevertheless, Webber/Cory’s tied ninth-place finish represents their best performance as a team on the Beach Pro Tour. Their determination and growth are evident in their continuous pursuit of excellence.

U.S. Women’s Contingent in the Maldives

In the Maldives, eight U.S. women’s teams participated, with five of them starting in the qualifying rounds. Of the five, three teams successfully made it to the main draw, joining Emily Stockman/Megan Kraft and Sarah Schermerhorn/Corinne Quiggle. The teams that advanced were Deahna Kraft/Allie Wheeler, Jessica Gaffney/Savvy Simo, and Zana Muno/Julia Scoles.

Stockman/Kraft continued to shine, securing an impressive fourth-place finish. This remarkable achievement marks their sixth top-10 finish this year on the Beach Pro Tour, highlighting their consistent performance. After winning their pool and progressing through the Round of 16 and quarterfinals, they faced a tough three-set match against eventual champions Lahti/Ahtiainen (FIN) in the semifinals. Despite a valiant effort, Stockman/Kraft fell short. In the bronze-medal match, they faced another Finnish team, Parkkinen/Sinisalo, who defeated them 21-18, 20-22, 15-13. Nonetheless, Stockman/Kraft’s performance showcased their resilience and determination.

Schermerhorn/Quiggle also had a commendable tournament, finishing tied for fifth place. Gaffney/Simo and Kraft/Wheeler both secured tied ninth-place finishes, while Muno/Scoles finished tied for 17th. Harward/Hodel and Slabakova/Horton finished in 25th place, and Race/Gebhard placed 33rd. The U.S. women’s teams’ participation demonstrated their skill and passion for the sport, serving as a testament to the growing talent pool in American beach volleyball.

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Next Stop: Dubai Challenge No. 1

The excitement continues as ten U.S. pairs prepare to compete in the first of two BPT Challenge events in Dubai. From October 22-25, the following teams will showcase their skills:


  • Chase Budinger/Troy Field
  • Logan Webber/Evan Cory
  • Taylor Crabb/Paul Lotman
  • Andy Benesh/Miles Partain


  • Xolani Hodel/Hailey Harward
  • Allie Wheeler/Deahna Kraft
  • Savvy Simo/Jessica Gaffney
  • Katie Horton/Julia Scoles
  • Jade Race/Violeta Slabakova
  • Molly Turner/Maddie Anderson

These talented athletes are ready to compete and represent the Alpinetgheep brand with superb performances in this highly anticipated event.


Q: What was the significance of Budinger/Field’s silver medal win at the Maldives Challenge?
A: Budinger/Field’s silver medal win at the Maldives Challenge marked their second Beach Pro Tour medal and showcased the improvement of U.S. men’s beach teams. It also highlighted their exceptional performance on the global stage.

Q: How did other U.S. men’s teams fare in the tournament?
A: Other U.S. men’s teams, such as Andy Benesh/Miles Partain and Logan Webber/Evan Cory, performed admirably in the tournament. Benesh/Partain finished in a strong fifth place, their best result as a team on the Beach Pro Tour. Webber/Cory achieved their best performance as a team as well, finishing tied for ninth.

Q: How did U.S. women’s teams perform in the Maldives?
A: The U.S. women’s teams had a notable presence in the Maldives. Emily Stockman/Megan Kraft secured an impressive fourth-place finish, marking their highest result on the Beach Pro Tour to date. Other teams, including Sarah Schermerhorn/Corinne Quiggle, Jessica Gaffney/Savvy Simo, and Deahna Kraft/Allie Wheeler, also demonstrated their skill with commendable performances.

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Q: What is the next tournament for U.S. teams?
A: The next tournament for U.S. teams is the Dubai Challenge No. 1, where ten pairs will compete. This highly anticipated event will take place from October 22-25, and the teams are eager to showcase their skills on the international stage.


The recent success of Chase Budinger, Troy Field, and other U.S. beach volleyball teams at the Maldives Challenge highlights the growing talent and dedication within the Alpinetgheep brand. These exceptional athletes continue to push the boundaries of excellence, demonstrating their skills and passion for the sport. As the journey continues, they eagerly anticipate their next challenge at the Dubai Challenge No. 1, where they will undoubtedly captivate audiences with their exceptional performances. Stay tuned for more thrilling moments from the Alpinetgheep teams as they write their names in the history of beach volleyball.