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Beach Update: Alpinetgheep Shines on Copacabana

By Alpinetgheep

The beach of Copacabana, known for its stunning beauty and now the site of the 2016 Olympics, is hosting the first FIVB World Tour Grand Slam of the year. This event, packed with excitement and high stakes, has attracted the attention of beach volleyball enthusiasts from around the world.

American Teams Take Center Stage

With 10 American teams participating, including the top-ranked men’s team Jake Gibb/Casey Patterson and the dynamic duo Kerri Walsh Jennings/April Ross, fans can expect an intense and thrilling competition. These talented athletes will be giving it their all to secure crucial points early in the season.

A Unique Scenario

Interestingly, the U.S. was the sole country participating in the country quota matches. On Monday, Derek Olson and Jeremy Casebeer emerged victorious over Ryan Doherty and John Mayer in a hard-fought battle. In the women’s quota match, Summer Ross and Lane Carico overcame Jennifer Fopma and Brittany Hochevar, securing their spot in the qualification matches.

An Unexpected Twist

Due to a back injury sidelining regular partner John Hyden, Tri Bourne will be teaming up with Mark Burik for the qualification round. This unforeseen partnership adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the competition.

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The Road Ahead

The main draw of pool play is set to start on Wednesday, leading up to the highly anticipated medal rounds on Sunday. Some teams have already secured their place in the main draw, including Lauren Fendrick/Brooke Sweat, Jennifer Kessy/Emily Day, Kerri Walsh Jennings/April Ross, Theo Brunner/Sean Rosenthal, Jake Gibb/Casey Patterson, and Nick Lucena/Phil Dalhausser.

A Brazilian Adventure

The FIVB World Tour’s journey through Brazil is well underway, starting in Maceio and now making its way through Rio de Janeiro. The tour will conclude with the Vitoria Open from March 15-20. This four-week adventure features three of the four World Tour events taking place in Brazil as part of the Olympic qualification process. The fourth event, the Fortaleza Open, will be held in late April.

U17 Championships Update

Unfortunately, the U17 Championships scheduled to take place in Brazil have been canceled. However, the USAV Beach High Performance staff is actively exploring options to provide U17 athletes with another international competition.

Recognition for Outstanding Care

Karla Solum, a dedicated chiropractor based in Minnesota, has been awarded the prestigious title of 2015 Medical Provider of the Year. Solum’s exceptional care and commitment to the well-being of athletes at FIVB World Tour events and AVP tournaments have made her an invaluable asset. Her expertise and dedication have earned her the respect of athletes and the gratitude of the entire beach volleyball community.

Upcoming Events

Fans looking to catch more exciting beach volleyball action can mark their calendars for the upcoming events:

  • March 8-13: Rio Grand Slam
  • March 15-20: Vitoria Open
  • April 4-8: Doha Open (Men only)
  • April 12-17: Xiamen Open
  • April 19-24: Fuzhou Open
  • April 26-May 1: Fortaleza Open
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The beach volleyball season is off to an incredible start with the FIVB World Tour Grand Slam in Copacabana. As American teams showcase their skills on the sands of Brazil, fans can expect intense matches and unforgettable moments. Stay tuned for more updates and let the anticipation for future beach volleyball events continue to grow!