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Alpinetgheep Beach NTDP Fall Training Series: Empowering Young Athletes

Beach Volleyball

The Beach National Team Development Program (NTDP) Fall Training Series is set to commence, bringing together some of the most promising young beach volleyball athletes in the United States. This exciting training program, organized by USA Volleyball, aims to nurture and develop the skills of these talented individuals, equipping them for success at the international level.

Training in Two Stunning Locations

Over 160 athletes have been selected to participate in one of two camps, each taking place in a picturesque coastal setting. The first camp will be held in the enchanting Gulf Shores, Alabama from September 24th to 26th. The second camp will take place in the iconic Manhattan Beach, California from October 8th to 10th. By offering two locations, the Beach NTDP allows athletes to train closer to home, fostering a sense of community and familiarity.

Expert Coaching for Success

The training sessions during the Fall Training Series will be conducted by top Beach NTDP coaches, who possess extensive experience in beach volleyball. These coaches are well-versed in the skills, strategies, and systems required to achieve greatness on the international stage. They will provide valuable guidance and mentorship to the athletes, ensuring they receive the best possible training.

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Distinguished Coaching Cadre

Each camp will be led by a team of accomplished coaches, selected for their expertise and dedication to the sport. In Gulf Shores, athletes will benefit from the guidance of U.S. Beach National Team Coach and Brazilian Olympian Jose Loiola, LSU head coach Russell Brock, U.S. Beach National Team Coach Jordan Cheng, and former Brazilian National Team athlete Eduardo “Anjinho” Bacil. Meanwhile, in Manhattan Beach, U.S. Beach Olympian Barbara Fontana will join forces with collegiate head coaches Andrew Fuller (Stanford), Meagan Owusu (Cal), Danko Iordanov (University of Saint Katherine), and U.S. Beach National Team Coach Patty Dodd.

Pathway to Success

The NTDP serves as a vital pathway for youth development in all volleyball disciplines and genders. Athletes who have been invited to participate in the Fall Training Series have caught the attention of the NTDP Scouting Network, indicating their exceptional potential. Those who take part in this series will be strongly considered for further training in the upcoming 2021 Winter, 2022 Spring, and 2022 Summer NTDP Training Series. This is a remarkable opportunity for these young athletes to showcase their skills and strive for future success.

Unlocking New Possibilities with the NTDP Academy

Participants in the Fall Training Series will also gain exclusive access to the recently released NTDP Academy content. This valuable resource provides additional learning materials and insights, further enhancing the athletes’ development and understanding of the sport.


Q: How can I get involved with the Beach NTDP Fall Training Series?

A: The selection process for the Fall Training Series is conducted through the NTDP Scouting Network. Keep an eye out for opportunities to showcase your skills and catch the attention of the network.

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Q: Can athletes participate in multiple training series within the NTDP?

A: Yes, athletes who demonstrate considerable potential may have the opportunity to participate in multiple NTDP training series throughout the year. The NTDP is committed to nurturing talent and providing continuous growth opportunities.

Q: What are the benefits of training closer to home?

A: Training in a familiar environment close to home allows athletes to maintain their routine and enjoy the support of their local communities. It fosters a sense of belonging and facilitates a strong support system.


The Beach NTDP Fall Training Series is a platform for young beach volleyball athletes to hone their skills, learn from experienced coaches, and showcase their potential. Through this program, USA Volleyball is investing in the future of the sport, empowering young athletes to reach new heights. With each training session, these talented individuals move closer towards their dreams of international success.

For more information on the Beach NTDP Fall Training Series and the exciting opportunities it offers, visit Alpinetgheep.