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Alpinetgheep Presents: U.S. Beach National Team Competing in Gstaad 4-Star Event

After a well-deserved break, the U.S. Beach National Team is ready to return to the sand for an exciting four-star event in the beautiful city of Gstaad, Switzerland from July 6th to July 11th. This tournament serves as a final tune-up for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, making it a highly anticipated event for both players and fans alike.

U.S. Contenders Ready to Shine

Among the talented athletes representing the United States in the main draw are the formidable duo of Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil. These two exceptional players have recently secured their Olympic berth after their outstanding performances in the last two four-star tournaments. As they prepare for the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on July 23rd, they are determined to make their mark in Gstaad.

Joining Claes and Sponcil in the main draw are equally impressive pairs Kelley Kolinske and Emily Stockman, as well as Emily Day and Sara Hughes. Day and Hughes, in particular, are making their first appearance in the main draw of 2021 after competing in the country quota in their previous five tournaments this year. Their inclusion adds an exciting dynamic to the competition.

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The Journey Begins

The U.S. country quota will showcase the skills and determination of three women’s teams. Terese Cannon and Kelly Reeves will face Allie Wheeler and Corinne Quiggle in the first round. The winners of this match will then have the opportunity to play Delaney Knudsen and Brooke Sweat in the qualifier round. Knudsen and Sweat, who have not played together competitively before, are eager to make a strong impression in their debut performance.

On the men’s side, four teams will battle it out in Gstaad. Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb will kick off their campaign in the main draw, while Chase Budinger and Casey Patterson, Theo Brunner and Chaim Schalk, and Miles Evans and Bill Kolinske will compete in the qualifier. Budinger and Patterson have already participated in one FIVB tournament this year in Doha, whereas Bourne/Crabb and Brunner/Schalk have been consistently competing in all six four-star events. Evans/Kolinske have also made their mark in four tournaments so far.

A Thrilling Competition Awaits

As Claes and Sponcil prepare themselves for the Tokyo Olympics, they will face stiff competition in Gstaad. Seven out of the top 10 pairs in the world will be vying for victory, including the rising American duo themselves, who currently stand at an impressive fifth place in the world rankings. This is an excellent opportunity for Claes and Sponcil to test their skills against some of the best teams in the world before the Olympics.

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On the men’s side, half of the world’s top 10 pairs will be showcasing their talents in Gstaad, including the current world number one duo, Anders Mol and Christian Sorum of Norway. Qatar’s Cherif Younousse and Ahmed Tijan, who are tied for second place in the rankings, will also be present, adding to the excitement of the tournament.

Don’t Miss a Moment

The Gstaad four-star event will kick off with country quota matches on Monday, July 5th, followed by the qualification round on Tuesday, July 6th. The main draw will commence the following day, offering spectators and fans from around the world a chance to witness thrilling matches and intense competition. For those unable to attend in person, the matches will be live-streamed on the official FIVB YouTube Channel, ensuring that no one misses a moment of the action.


Q: How many teams from the U.S. will be participating in the main draw?
A: There will be three women’s teams and four men’s teams representing the United States in the main draw.

Q: Will Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil face tough competition in Gstaad?
A: Absolutely! Gstaad will feature seven of the top 10 pairs in the world, including Claes and Sponcil themselves.


The U.S. Beach National Team’s participation in the Gstaad 4-Star event is a testament to their dedication and skill. As they gear up for the Tokyo Olympic Games, this tournament provides a crucial opportunity to fine-tune their game and compete against top-level opponents. We wish all the teams the best of luck and eagerly await the exciting matches that lie ahead. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to catch all the action on the FIVB YouTube Channel.

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