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Beach HP Teams Aim for Podium Success

beach volleyball

The USA Volleyball Beach High Performance Championships is an exciting event that brings together talented athletes from around the world. This year, 210 teams from the United States, Australia, Canada, and Puerto Rico are vying for the top spot on the podium. Let’s take a closer look at three teams and their journey towards success.

Team: Saylor Little and Julia Waugh

Division: Girls’ U15

Saylor Little from Long Beach, Calif., and Julia Waugh from Yorba Linda, Calif., are a formidable duo in the Girls’ U15 division. When asked about their introduction to beach volleyball, both players shared their stories. Little’s indoor coach recognized her potential and encouraged her to try her hand at beach volleyball, while Waugh’s friend invited her to join in the fun. Despite not playing together for a year, the pair is determined to rekindle their partnership and have fun along the way. Little dreams of attending USC and participating in the Olympics, while Waugh aspires to win a gold medal.

Team: Haley Moore and Sam Johnson

Division: Girls’ U19

Hailing from Washington, Haley Moore and Sam Johnson are making waves in the Girls’ U19 division. Like many players, they started as indoor athletes. However, their journey took a turn when their indoor coach established a beach club. This opportunity allowed them to fully embrace the sport. Moore highlights the mental strength required in beach volleyball, emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude. Johnson appreciates the independence and relaxed nature of the game. While Moore aims to play in college, Johnson plans to play indoor volleyball and coach beach and indoor volleyball at Dakine.

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Team: Sammy Gibson and Joe Osmani

Division: Boys’ U19

Sammy Gibson from Long Beach, N.Y., and Joe Osmani from Clearwater, Fla., are an impressive team competing in the Boys’ U19 division. They met at tryouts in California and quickly became friends. The tournament has been a valuable learning experience for both players. Osmani admires the coaches and their ability to impart crucial knowledge, while Gibson emphasizes the importance of preparation. With dreams of playing in AVP, both Gibson and Osmani are determined to make their mark in the world of beach volleyball.

beach volleyball

These teams and many others are showcasing their skills and passion for the game at the USA Volleyball Beach High Performance Championships. With each match, they are honing their abilities and leaving it all on the sandy court. Beach volleyball is a sport that demands dedication, teamwork, and a strong mental game.


Q: How are the teams selected for the USA Volleyball Beach High Performance Championships?
A: To compete in the tournament, athletes must either be part of the 2018 A1 National Training Team or qualify through the 2018 A2 program at selected competitions.

Q: What are the future plans for these players?
A: Each player has different goals. Some aspire to play in college, while others dream of representing their country in the Olympics or AVP.

Q: What inspires these players before a match?
A: The players find inspiration through various sources, such as music, conversations with their partners, and the exciting atmosphere that surrounds every match.


The USA Volleyball Beach High Performance Championships is a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and chase their dreams. Through dedication, perseverance, and a love for the game, these teams are setting their sights on the podium. Follow their journey and be inspired by their passion for beach volleyball.

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