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Bay to Bay 17-1 Wins BJNC 17 Open

The 39th Annual USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships came to an exciting close on July 9, 2018, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Among the standout winners of the day were Bay to Bay 17-1 from Northern California, Balboa Bay 17 White from Southern California, and West Edge 17 also from Southern California. These teams claimed championship titles in the 17-and-under age divisions. Additionally, 949 B13 Black from Southern California took home the gold medals in the 13 Club division.

The BJNC is an eight-day tournament that features staggered start and finish schedules for age divisions ranging from 12-and-Under to 18-and-Under. This year’s event attracted a record-breaking 577 teams and an estimated 6,000 players, with over 12,000 tickets sold to spectators excited to watch the action unfold across 47 courts.

It’s worth noting that Sport Court is the official athletic flooring for all USA Volleyball national championship events.

Bay to Bay 17-1’s Triumph in the 17 Open Division

Bay to Bay 17-1 from Northern California showcased their resilience and determination by storming back from the brink of elimination to claim the 17 Open Division title. In a stunning gold-medal match, they overcame Ultimate B17 Gold from the Great Lakes region with a remarkable comeback victory of 15-25, 25-22, 15-13.

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Bay to Bay 17-1’s path to the championship match was no easy feat. They faced fierce competition, defeating 949 B17 Black from Southern California in the quarterfinals and then sweeping previously undefeated Pac6 17 Blue from Southern California in the semifinals. It’s worth mentioning that Pac6 17 Blue had not dropped a single set in the tournament until their encounter with Bay to Bay 17-1.

Bay to Bay 17-1 nearly missed the opportunity to compete in the gold bracket altogether. They suffered a loss to SB Coast 17 from Southern California in the second round, followed by a straight-set defeat to Ultimate B17 Gold in the third round. However, showing their resilience once again, Bay to Bay 17-1 bounced back, defeating Team Rockstar from Southern California to force a one-set playoff. In a tightly contested match, Bay to Bay 17-1 emerged victorious with a score of 25-23.

The exceptional performance of Bay to Bay 17-1 didn’t go unrecognized. Four players from the team, including Colton Brooks, Joseph Bergles, Ryan Li, and Shane Atkins, were selected for the all-tournament team. Colton Brooks, in particular, was recognized as the most valuable player.

Reflecting on their triumph, Ryan Li highlighted the collective effort of the team, emphasizing how every player contributed to their success. Joseph Bergles also acknowledged the pressure they faced during the championship match but praised the team’s ability to overcome adversity. Colton Brooks attributed their victory to the team’s unwavering determination and refusal to give up, while Shane Atkins recognized the need to bring more energy and intensity to his game, which ultimately propelled them to victory.

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Ultimately, Bay to Bay 17-1 finished the tournament with an impressive record of 9-2, securing their well-deserved place at the top of the competition.


Q: How many teams participated in the 39th Annual USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships?

A: A record-breaking 577 teams participated in this year’s tournament.

Q: How many players competed in the championships?

A: Approximately 6,000 players were involved in the competition.

Q: How many spectators attended the event?

A: Over 12,000 tickets were sold, with fans eager to experience the excitement and talent on display.

Q: How many courts were used for the championships?

A: A total of 47 courts were utilized for the matches.


The 39th Annual USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships concluded with an extraordinary display of skill and determination. Bay to Bay 17-1 emerged as the champions in the fiercely competitive 17 Open Division, showcasing their resiliency and talent. This Northern California team fought back from the brink of elimination to claim the gold medal, defeating Ultimate B17 Gold in a thrilling match. With their exceptional performance, Bay to Bay 17-1 secured their place at the top of the tournament, finishing with a record of 9-2.

The BJNC, held at the Phoenix Convention Center, featured a staggering 577 teams and over 6,000 players competing across age divisions ranging from 12-and-Under to 18-and-Under. The event attracted a dedicated audience of over 12,000 spectators, eager to witness the exciting matches unfold on 47 courts.

Bay to Bay 17-1’s triumph is a testament to their hard work, teamwork, and ability to overcome adversity throughout the tournament. This victory solidifies their place among the top teams in the nation, and their resilience serves as an inspiration to young athletes aspiring to achieve greatness in the sport of volleyball.

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