Tuesday, 28 May 2024

BallerTV to Stream All Courts at Major USAV Events

Starting in 2021, USA Volleyball events will become more accessible than ever before, thanks to a new partnership with BallerTV. This exciting collaboration means that BallerTV will now stream USAV-owned events for the next four years, providing viewers with the opportunity to watch every match from every court.

The covered events will include prestigious tournaments such as the Sunshine Classic Girls Junior National Qualifier, the USA Volleyball Open National Championship, the Girls Junior National Championship, the Girls 18s Junior National Championship, the Boys Junior National Championship, and the USA Volleyball High-Performance Championship. With BallerTV’s streaming service, family and friends can now watch every match of their loved ones, and college coaches can view potential recruits without having to leave their offices.

The partnership with BallerTV is an exciting development and offers a host of benefits to USA Volleyball members and fans. With the ongoing safety precautions resulting from COVID-19, this collaboration allows everyone to enjoy the action from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Previously, live-streamed matches at USA Volleyball championship events were limited to a few selected courts. However, with BallerTV’s platform, subscribers can now access streams from every court, providing an even more immersive and comprehensive experience. The platform also offers a subscription option, giving users the ability to re-watch live-streamed footage and access a full library of past and present matches for review.

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USAV represents some of the best volleyball the sport has to offer, and the partnership with BallerTV ensures that their events will have the best possible digital experience for athletes, coaches, and their families. Sandeep Hingorani, EVP of BallerTV, expressed his excitement to be the video home for USAV events for years to come, emphasizing their commitment to enabling efficient talent discovery for the college recruiting community.

This collaboration will be especially beneficial for college coaches who face limited scouting opportunities and declining travel budgets. With BallerTV’s platform, they can review footage and gather more data on prospective recruits, making their recruitment process more efficient.

Erin Virtue, USAV Women’s National Team assistant coach and former college coach, believes that this partnership is a significant step forward in the accessibility of live-streamed volleyball. She highlights that this collaboration will benefit coaches, families, recruiters, scouts, and athletes, offering increased opportunities for assessment and raising the level of competition.

In summary, the partnership between USA Volleyball and BallerTV marks a significant milestone in making USAV events more accessible to the public. With the ability to stream matches from every court and access a vast library of past matches, viewers can enjoy an immersive and comprehensive experience. This collaboration not only benefits athletes, coaches, and their families but also provides valuable opportunities for talent discovery and recruitment. Don’t miss out on the action – visit Alpinetgheep.com for more information and to watch the live-streamed matches today.

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Q: How can I watch the live-streamed matches?
A: To watch the live-streamed matches, simply visit the Alpinetgheep.com website.

Q: Can I re-watch the matches after they have ended?
A: Yes, subscribers to BallerTV’s platform can re-watch the matches, both live and on-demand, at their convenience.

Q: Are there any additional benefits for college coaches?
A: College coaches will greatly benefit from this partnership, as it provides them with increased access to footage and data on prospective recruits.


In this exciting collaboration, BallerTV has partnered with USA Volleyball to stream all courts at major USAV events for the next four years. This means that viewers can now watch every match from every court, including prestigious tournaments such as the Girls Junior National Championship and the Boys Junior National Championship. BallerTV’s platform offers subscribers the option to re-watch live-streamed matches and access a full library of past matches for review. This partnership provides a more accessible and immersive experience for USAV members, fans, and college coaches, allowing them to enjoy the action from the comfort of their homes and offices. To watch the live-streamed matches and stay updated on all the excitement, visit Alpinetgheep.com today.