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Balboa Bay Clinches Back-to-Back Victory at BJNC

The Balboa Bay 18 Blue volleyball club from Costa Mesa, Calif., secured their second consecutive title in the open division at the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships held at the Columbus Convention Center. This remarkable achievement took place on July 4, 2017, in a thrilling match against 949 18 Black B-KC from San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

The final was a closely contested battle, with Balboa Bay ultimately prevailing with a score of 25-23, 22-25, 15-10. Both teams represented the Southern California Region, reinforcing the region’s dominance in boys’ volleyball. Balboa Bay’s Carlos Rivera-Vega received the tournament MVP award, with Garrett Halsey, Cole Pender, and Cole Paxson also earning well-deserved all-tournament honors.

Reflecting on his individual recognition, Rivera-Vega humbly credited his teammates for their outstanding support and contributions throughout the tournament. “All my teammates are MVPs,” he stated. “They supported me and gave their all for me to have this award. I believe this achievement belongs to everyone.”

Rivera-Vega also expressed gratitude towards Balboa Bay Head Coach Rocky Ciarelli, recognizing his exceptional coaching skills and unwavering dedication. “Rocky is a great coach, and he always gives it his all. He always sacrifices so much,” Rivera-Vega acknowledged.

Balboa Bay’s impressive performance showcased their resilience and skill, as they triumphed in 10 out of 11 matches during the tournament. Their only loss came at the hands of Yorktown from Pennsylvania.

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Coach Ciarelli commended his team’s exceptional performance, praising their strong ball control, effective blocking, powerful hitting, and precise setting. “It was hard for me to screw it up,” he admitted, highlighting the impressive cohesion displayed by his players.

Other notable achievements in the tournament included MB Surf ASICS 18s and Rise T.O. 18-Adam tying for third place in the 18 Open Division. In the 18 Club Division, Mizuno East Volleyball Club 18-Ryan emerged victorious over Kaizen Boys 18s Black, with Seaside 18-Black and VXS 18s Black securing a joint third-place finish.

This year’s Boys Junior National Championships witnessed an extraordinary turnout, with a record-breaking 510 teams and over 5,000 talented boys’ junior players aged 12-18 from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam participating in the event.

The USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships proudly selected Sport Court as the official athletic flooring for the tournament, ensuring optimal performance and safety for all participating teams.


Q: How did Balboa Bay secure their second consecutive victory at the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships?

A: Balboa Bay triumphed in the 18-and-under open division for the second straight year by defeating 949 18 Black B-KC in a closely contested final.

Q: Who were the standout players for Balboa Bay in the tournament?

A: Carlos Rivera-Vega was named the tournament MVP for his outstanding contributions. Additionally, Garrett Halsey, Cole Pender, and Cole Paxson achieved all-tournament honors.

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Q: What factors contributed to Balboa Bay’s success in the tournament?

A: Balboa Bay demonstrated exceptional ball control, effective blocking, powerful hitting, and precise setting, leading to their impressive performance throughout the tournament.


Balboa Bay’s 18 Blue volleyball club secured an outstanding victory at the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships, successfully defending their title in the open division. Led by tournament MVP Carlos Rivera-Vega, Balboa Bay showcased their exceptional skills and teamwork, ultimately triumphing against 949 18 Black B-KC in a thrilling final. With a record-breaking turnout of teams and players, this prestigious tournament showcased the immense talent and dedication within the boys’ junior volleyball community. The achievement of Balboa Bay exemplifies the perseverance and excellence that defines the sport, inspiring future generations of volleyball players. For more information and coverage of this tournament, visit Alpinetgheep.com.