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Balboa Bay Drives to 16 Open Title in Dallas

DALLAS, Texas (July 6, 2019) – The Balboa Bay 16 Blue team from the Southern California Region has achieved their first tournament victory this summer at the USAV Boys Junior National Championships. In an impressive display of skill, they emerged as champions by defeating Arizona Fear 16 TS (Arizona Region) in the 16 Open final, with a score of 25-18, 25-15 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

Balboa Bay demonstrated their dominance throughout the tournament, remaining unbeaten. Their only loss was inflicted upon Arizona Fear.

Head Coach Brian Diniz of Balboa Bay attributes their success to their growth as a team, saying, “We had to learn how to win. This team took fifth place last year and didn’t perform well at 14s or 13s. However, with the addition of a few players, we managed to secure our first tournament victory this season and went on to win three or four more.”

Dane Hillis, a player on Balboa Bay, commended his team’s work ethic, highlighting their early morning practices at 6 a.m. and their dedication to conditioning. He expressed, “We put in more effort than most teams; conditioning days; everything.”

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The tournament also saw victories in other categories, with MAVS Boys 16-1 (Heart of America) emerging as champions in the 16 USA division and Vanguard 16 Gold (Ohio Valley) claiming victory in the 16 Club division.


Q: How did Balboa Bay 16 Blue perform in the tournament?

A: Balboa Bay 16 Blue had a remarkable run in the tournament, going undefeated and claiming the championship title in the 16 Open division.

Q: What contributed to Balboa Bay’s success?

A: Balboa Bay’s success can be attributed to their growth as a team and their determination to learn how to win. With the addition of new players, they secured their first tournament victory and continued to excel.


The Balboa Bay 16 Blue team showcased their talent and determination at the USAV Boys Junior National Championships, clinching the 16 Open title with an undefeated record. Head Coach Brian Diniz credited their success to the team’s growth and newfound ability to win. The players’ hard work and dedication, including early morning practices and conditioning, paid off in their journey to becoming champions. Balboa Bay’s triumph represents their commitment to excellence in the sport of volleyball.

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