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Balboa Bay 14s: Celebrating Victory at the BJNCs

Balboa Bay, a Southern California-based volleyball club, has once again made headlines with their exceptional performance at the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships (BJNCs). Their 14 Blue team clinched the 14 Open National Championship, while their 14 White team emerged victorious in the 14 Club division. This remarkable achievement marks their second club title at the BJNCs.

Setting Their Sights on Glory

From the start of the season, Balboa Bay 14 Blue Coach Patrick Eaton and his coaching staff had their eyes set on one goal – to bring home a USA Volleyball Junior National Championship. With unwavering determination, the team worked tirelessly towards this objective. Finally, on a momentous day, their efforts paid off as they triumphed over SCVC 14 Quiksilver in the 14 Open National Championship, securing a well-deserved victory with a score of 25-18, 25-14.

Double Delight at the BJNCs

The excitement didn’t end there for Balboa Bay. In a thrilling match, their 14 White team triumphed over UVS 14M from Puerto Rico in a hard-fought battle, with a final score of 25-20, 17-25, 17-15. This victory crowned Balboa Bay as the champions of the 14 Club division, adding another feather to their cap. In total, Balboa Bay secured three national championships at the 2016 Boys’ Junior National Championships, including the 18 Open title.

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A Testimony of Talent and Tenacity

Coach Eaton expressed his pride in the team’s achievements, stating, “After last year’s 14 Blue team won gold, our team goal was to come back and compete for a chance to repeat. They were hungry, and with the work they put in, they deserve it.” The Balboa Bay team showcased exceptional skills and relentless determination throughout the tournament, leaving their opponents in awe.

A Solid Defense and Powerful Attacks

Balboa Bay’s success can be attributed to their well-rounded gameplay. In the first set against SCVC, they took the lead from the beginning and never looked back, securing a 25-18 victory. With strong attacks from both the front and back row by SCVC’s Luke Turner and Clarke Godbold, the Balboa Bay defense had their work cut out for them. However, Balboa Bay’s blocking skills proved to be their secret weapon, keeping their opponents at bay and maintaining their dominance.

Inspiration from the 18 Open Championship

The team’s triumph in the 18 Open championship the day before undoubtedly fueled their motivation to succeed. Team member Bryce Dvorak remarked, “We were here for the match, and after we told ourselves, ‘We have to follow in their footsteps.'” The experience of witnessing their peers’ victory served as a powerful inspiration and drove the Balboa Bay team to rise to the occasion.

A Tournament of Unmatched Excellence

The 2016 Boys’ Junior National Championships, held in Dallas for the second time since 2012, featured a staggering 463 teams competing on 39 courts. The championship matches, which kicked off with the 12s division, showcased the best young volleyball talent from across the nation. The intense competition spanned multiple age divisions, with the 13s age division and championships in the 16 Open and 16 Club divisions commencing on Monday.

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Q: How many national championships did Balboa Bay win at the 2016 Boys’ Junior National Championships?
A: Balboa Bay clinched three national championships at the 2016 Boys’ Junior National Championships, including the 14 Open National Championship and the 14 Club division championship.

Q: What was the score of the final match in the 14 Club division?
A: In a hard-fought battle, Balboa Bay’s 14 White team emerged victorious with a score of 25-20, 17-25, 17-15 against UVS 14M from Puerto Rico.


Balboa Bay, the renowned Southern California-based volleyball club, showcased their unparalleled talent and determination at the BJNCs. Their 14 Blue team claimed the 14 Open National Championship title, while their 14 White team emerged victorious in the 14 Club division. This exceptional achievement marked Balboa Bay’s second club title at the BJNCs, cementing their reputation as one of the top volleyball clubs in the nation. With unwavering focus and exceptional skills, the Balboa Bay team brought home a total of three national championships at the 2016 Boys’ Junior National Championships. Their success serves as a testament to their dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in the sport.

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