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Athletes Share their Memorable Experience at High Performance Championships

High Performance Championships

The High Performance Championships held at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, showcased the incredible talent of young athletes from across the United States. The event, organized by USA Volleyball, not only celebrates athletic achievement but also promotes camaraderie and personal growth. In this article, we will highlight some of the standout moments and individual experiences that made this year’s championships truly special.

Team Florida’s Dominance

Team Florida made waves at the championships, clinching an impressive six medals and four division titles. Their outstanding performance in the Girls International Youth, Girls National Select, Boys Regional, and Girls Future Select divisions earned them well-deserved gold medals. They also secured the silver medal in the Boys’ National and the bronze medal in the Girls’ National Youth division. Of particular note is Team Florida’s Girls National Select division, which they have won for four consecutive years.

Team Florida Celebrating

One standout player from Team Florida is Anne Fitzpatrick, who was named MVP in the Girls’ International Youth division. Reflecting on her team’s victory, Fitzpatrick expressed her joy and pride in being part of such a remarkable achievement. She credited their success to their hard work and relentless determination. Despite facing a fierce opponent, USA Select A1 White, Team Florida emerged victorious with a thrilling three-set match.

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The Essence of High Performance Championships

High Performance Championships is not just about winning medals; it’s about the experience and growth of the athletes. Daniel Matheney from the Southern California Youth International team perfectly captured the essence of the event. Having connected with teammates whom he had never played with before, Matheney expressed his newfound appreciation for the power of teamwork and friendship. He highlighted the bonds they formed in a short span of time and how it made the event feel like an entire season.

Southern California Youth International Team

Isabella Ashburn, the MVP of the Women’s International Junior division, echoed Matheney’s sentiments. Amazed by the warmth and welcoming nature of her teammates, she marveled at how the team instantly clicked, forging a strong bond. In just ten days, they created lasting friendships that felt like they had known each other for an entire season.

The Journey of Young Athletes

The High Performance Championships not only showcases the present talent but also evaluates and prepares athletes for future USA teams. With 1,700 players on 130 teams, the competition is fierce, and the atmosphere is electric. The event brings together age-based regional all-star teams, national teams from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Peru, and Bermuda, creating an international stage for aspiring young athletes to shine.

Medalists of the High Performance Championships

The championships saw outstanding performances across various age categories and divisions. Here are the medalists of some of the divisions:

Women’s International Juniors

  • Gold: USA Youth A1 Red
  • Silver: USA Youth A1 White
  • Bronze: USA Select A1 Red
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Boys International Youth

  • Gold: Team Ontario 18U
  • Silver: SCVA Youth International (Southern California)
  • Bronze: NCVA Junior Red (Northern California)

Girls International Youth

  • Gold: Team Florida GIY (Florida)
  • Silver: USA Select A1 White
  • Bronze: USA Youth Continental Red

Girls National Youth

  • Gold: GEVA Girls’ Youth (Garden Empire)
  • Silver: KRVA HP Girls’ Youth (Keystone)
  • Bronze: Team Florida GNY (Florida)

Girls National Select

  • Gold: Team Florida GNS (Florida)
  • Silver: Iowa Select Black (Iowa)
  • Bronze: Lone Star Select A1 (Lone Star)

Boys National

  • Gold: SCVA Youth National (Southern California)
  • Silver: Team Florida BNY (Florida)
  • Bronze: SCVA Select (SCS) (Southern California)

Boys Regional

  • Gold: Team Florida BRY (Florida)
  • Silver: Texoma Select Black (Lone Star)
  • Bronze: GEVA Boys’ Blue Select (GEVA)

Girls Future Select

  • Gold: Team Florida GFS (Florida)
  • Silver: Arizona Girls FS (Arizona)
  • Bronze: Ohio Valley Future Select (Ohio Valley)


Q: How are teams selected for the High Performance Championships?
A: Teams are typically age-based regional all-star teams selected from across the United States and other participating countries.

Q: What is the significance of winning a medal at the High Performance Championships?
A: Winning a medal at the championships signifies exceptional talent and dedication. It can open doors to future opportunities, such as representing the country at international competitions.

Q: Are there any other events like the High Performance Championships?
A: While the High Performance Championships is a unique event, there are other national and international volleyball tournaments that provide young athletes with opportunities to showcase their skills and compete at a high level.

Q: How can young athletes participate in future High Performance Championships?
A: Interested athletes should inquire about regional tryouts and selection processes to be considered for their respective age-based regional all-star teams.

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The High Performance Championships showcased the incredible talent, dedication, and camaraderie of young athletes from across the United States. Team Florida’s remarkable success, the meaningful connections formed between athletes, and the overall spirit of the event make it an unforgettable experience. As these athletes continue to grow and pursue their dreams, they will carry the memories and lessons learned from the championships with them. To learn more about the High Performance Championships and the world of volleyball, visit Alpinetgheep.