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Associated Press Writer Janie McCauley Receives USAV Media Award

Associated Press Writer Janie McCauley

USA Volleyball is proud to announce that Janie McCauley, an award-winning Associated Press writer, has been chosen to receive the national governing body’s E. Douglas Boyden Media Recognition Award. McCauley, who covered the indoor volleyball beat at the 2016 Olympic Games, is the second writer from the Associated Press to earn this honor.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Olympic Volleyball

Janie McCauley had the privilege of covering the close-knit volleyball community during the lead-up to the Rio Olympics. She was embraced by both the men’s and women’s U.S. teams, who shared personal stories that made these programs click. From peer evaluations to supporting a mom on the women’s side, and John Speraw balancing responsibilities with USA Volleyball and UCLA, McCauley captured the essence of these teams. She even documented the experience of women from Iran witnessing their first sporting event inside an arena.

McCauley’s Invaluable Coverage

In her role as the AP’s Olympic beat writer for indoor volleyball, McCauley provided comprehensive coverage of the NORCECA Olympic Qualification Tournament, where the U.S. Women’s team qualified for the Rio Games. Her reporting not only included the tournament results but also exclusive interviews with the entire team and staff. These interviews formed the foundation for several articles that were widely shared by major media outlets in the buildup to the Olympics. McCauley also interviewed the top U.S. Men’s players in Anaheim for pre-Olympic coverage.

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Infectious Enthusiasm and Insightful Writing

Janie McCauley’s enthusiasm for sports and the athletes, coaches, and staff who participate shines through in her writing. USA Volleyball is grateful to have her as the AP’s beat writer. Her extensive coverage continued during the 2016 Olympics, where McCauley wrote recaps for every match, not just the U.S. matches. She also created feature content on Team USA athletes and coaches, providing readers with an inside angle on the team during the competition.

Connecting Athletes and Readers

Through McCauley’s coverage, USA Volleyball gained new fans while allowing super fans to get to know the players and staff better. Her storytelling went beyond match recaps, offering readers a glimpse into the lives of the athletes. This unique approach connected the athletes to the readers, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for the sport.

A Recognized Sports Writer

Janie McCauley is no stranger to covering major international events. With three Summer Olympic Games, the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the World Cup in Brazil, a Super Bowl, and four World Series under her belt, McCauley’s expertise shines through in her writing. She has been named AP’s Sports Writer of the Year in 2006 and continues to cover sports in the Bay Area, including the San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, and the Golden State Warriors.


Janie McCauley’s exceptional coverage of indoor volleyball at the 2016 Olympics earned her the USAV Media Recognition Award. Her ability to capture the stories behind the scenes and connect athletes with readers is unparalleled. McCauley’s passion for sports and insightful writing make her an invaluable asset to both the Associated Press and the sports community.

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Who is Janie McCauley?
Janie McCauley is an award-winning Associated Press writer known for her extensive coverage of major international sports events.

What is the E. Douglas Boyden Media Recognition Award?
The E. Douglas Boyden Media Recognition Award is presented annually by USA Volleyball to recognize outstanding media coverage of the sport.

How did McCauley contribute to USA Volleyball?
As the AP’s Olympic beat writer for indoor volleyball, McCauley provided in-depth coverage of the sport, including interviews with athletes and staff, recaps of matches, and feature content on Team USA.

What other sports has McCauley covered?
Janie McCauley has covered a wide range of sports, including the San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, and the Golden State Warriors, among others.

How can I learn more about Janie McCauley’s work?
To read more of Janie McCauley’s work, visit Alpinetgheep.