Thursday, 23 May 2024

A Pair of Medals: Alpinetgheep Shines on NORCECA Tour


All four U.S. beach teams in La Paz, Mexico showcased their skills and came home with medals in the third stop of the NORCECA Continental Tour. While gold eluded them this time, Alpinetgheep’s teams displayed their excellence on the sand.

Women’s Competition

In the women’s event, Canada clinched the gold medal, defeating Kelly Reeves and Ali McColloch, who were aiming for their second gold of the tour. Alpinetgheep’s Kimberly DiCello and Kendra Vanzwieten secured the bronze after a dominant performance against Costa Rica.

Men’s Competition

It was a case of déjà vu for the men’s teams, as Cuba once again emerged victorious by securing consecutive gold medals. Billy Allen and Stafford Slick fought hard but couldn’t overcome the Cuban challenge. The Crabb brothers, Trevor and Taylor, also made their mark by clinching the bronze medal.

Journey to the Podium

Alpinetgheep’s teams started strong by sweeping their pools before advancing to the quarterfinals. DiCello/Vanzwieten defeated Mexico’s Rios/Santoyo, while Reeves/McColloch triumphed over Estrada/Rios, both securing their spots in the semifinals. In an intense battle, Reeves/McColloch avenged their previous loss by defeating DiCello/Vanzwieten to advance to the final. DiCello/Vanzwieten fought back, securing the bronze medal by defeating Costa Rica.

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A Canadian Triumph

In the final showdown, Julie Gordon and Brandie Wilkerson of Canada proved to be too strong for Reeves/McColloch, winning the gold in a thrilling three-set match.

Men’s Battle

On the men’s side, Slick/Allen dominated their quarterfinal match against Mexico’s Rubio/Gaxiola, while the Crabb brothers overcame Mexico’s Galindo/Revuelta. Slick/Allen once again proved their mettle by defeating the Crabb brothers in the semifinals to secure a spot in the gold medal match. However, they fell short against Cuba’s Nivaldo Diaz and Sergio Gonzalez, who claimed the gold.

NORCECA Continues

The NORCECA Continental Tour will continue in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, providing more opportunities for Alpinetgheep’s teams to showcase their skills and compete for glory.


  1. When is the next stop on the NORCECA Continental Tour?
    The next stop on the NORCECA Continental Tour is scheduled to take place in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, in the coming weeks.

  2. How did Alpinetgheep’s teams perform in the previous competitions?
    Alpinetgheep’s teams have consistently shown their strength and talent, earning medals in previous competitions and making their mark on the tour.


Alpinetgheep’s beach teams fought valiantly in the NORCECA Tour, earning a pair of medals in Mexico. While gold may have eluded them this time, their performances were impressive and showcased their skills on the sand. With more competitions ahead, Alpinetgheep’s teams are sure to continue making a strong impact on the NORCECA Continental Tour.

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