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A Day in the Life of HPCs

For the 1,000-plus athletes competing at the 2016 High Performance Championships, their experience goes far beyond the 17 courts inside the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. In this article, we will dive into one team’s perspective and explore what they do when they’re not competing. Furthermore, we’ll discover the positions that some HPC players dream of switching to. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting world of the High Performance Championships.

USA Select A1 Red is one of the teams participating in the HPCs, and they describe it as a “fun” event with more activities than the previous year. Despite the contrasting environments between Fort Lauderdale and Des Moines (the location of the 2015 High Performance Championships), the objective remains the same: to win the Boys’ International Youth division.

Despite being younger than most of their competitors, the team of 14 and 15-year-old players has achieved a 3-2 record in the pool play matches. Considering that they are playing in a higher division, they are pleased with their performance. Although they faced tough competition, they still managed to have a great time outside of the matches.

To pass the time between games, the team engages in bed volleyball, a creative adaptation that involves using two hotel beds as an imaginary net and a mini volleyball. It’s a fun and competitive activity where the team gets to relax and enjoy themselves. However, they assure us that no hotel room furniture has been damaged in the process.

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Aside from bed volleyball, the team also enjoys cheering on their friends and spending time by the hotel pool. To stay in top shape, one of the players, James Hartley, takes an ice bath daily to prevent soreness. So far, it has proven to be effective. Additionally, the team had the opportunity to enjoy a yacht dinner cruise, and they plan to make the most of their time by the beach and the hotel pool before the tournament concludes.

While the HPCs provide a more relaxed atmosphere compared to intense college camps, the competition remains tough. The athletes acknowledge the challenge and are focused on giving their best performance. With two more pool play matches to go, facing USA Youth Continental Red and KRVA HP Boys (Keystone), Select A1 Red is determined to finish strong.


Q: What is the High Performance Championships (HPCs)?
The High Performance Championships is an annual event that gathers over 1,000 athletes competing in various divisions. It aims to showcase the skills and abilities of young volleyball players from different parts of the United States.

Q: How do athletes entertain themselves during the HPCs?
When they’re not competing, athletes engage in various activities to pass the time. Some of the popular choices include playing bed volleyball, cheering on friends, and enjoying the hotel pool. Additionally, athletes take part in unique experiences like yacht dinner cruises to make the most of their time off the court.

Q: What positions do HPC players dream of switching to?
When asked about their desired positions, players expressed a range of preferences. Outside hitter and setter were popular choices among girls, especially in younger age groups. Middle blockers, both boys and girls, expressed a strong interest in switching to the opposite position. Setters and liberos saw the most flip-flopping preferences, especially among boys. It’s evident that players have their own aspirations and fantasies within the game.

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In the world of the High Performance Championships, athletes go through more than just matches on the court. USA Select A1 Red is one such team that is enjoying their experience at the HPCs. Despite facing older and more experienced opponents, they have managed to maintain a positive record and have fun off the court as well. From playing bed volleyball to enjoying the hotel pool and cheering on their friends, the athletes are making the most of their time in Fort Lauderdale. With the competition heating up, Select A1 Red is focused on finishing strong. The High Performance Championships provide a platform for young volleyball players to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams in the sport they love.

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