Sunday, 14 Jul 2024

A Change of Seasons

It’s time for a new chapter in our volleyball journey! As the club season comes to an end, it’s a moment of reflection and growth. We’ve spent countless hours on the court, practicing and competing, and now it’s time for each of us to take the next step in our development. The upcoming school season presents new challenges, but we are ready to embrace them.

Strengthening the Foundation

Throughout our time together, we’ve honed our skills and improved in various areas of the game. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our progress:

Serving with Precision – Thanks to radar gun assistance, simplified motions, and deliberate practice, we have become expert servers. Our ability to hit cross-court volleys with minimal errors and serve the ball with precision is a testament to our hard work. Consistent tosses, effective placement, and float or jump serves are now second nature to us.

Mastering Serve Receive – While we occasionally slip back into old habits, our overall serve receive has improved significantly. We understand the importance of passing the ball up, away from the net, and keeping our arms at the right angle. From speed ball to monarch of the court, we’ve seen countless serves, allowing us to read and react to different styles and spins.

Fearless Defenders – We’ve become comfortable diving to the floor and embracing the art of digging. We now understand the importance of reading the game, working together with our teammates, and never letting the ball hit the ground. Our goal is not just to dig the ball back to our partner but to dig it halfway towards the attacker, ensuring our team remains in control of the rally.

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Powerful Spiking – Our hitting technique has undergone significant improvements. We’ve learned to jump in the right spot and time our approach, regardless of the quality of the set we receive. Though we occasionally revert to old habits, such as hitting downward, we are reducing those errors. We now acknowledge the contribution of our setter and passer when we get the opportunity to crush a quickset.

Setting Skills – This season, we prioritized developing setting skills among all players. Rather than focusing solely on one setter, we encouraged all team members to learn how to set a hittable ball. Some of us even delved deeper into running an offense. This variety of setters allowed us to experience different types of sets, preparing us for the next level.

Crafty Free Ball Attackers – One area where we excelled was attacking on free balls. We practiced aggressively hitting these balls, leading to tactical and successful plays. This skill will undoubtedly help us score points at the next level.

Blocking Prowess – We’ve spent countless hours mastering the art of blocking. Whether it’s short, medium, or tall attackers, we’ve learned when and where to jump, regardless of the set quality. Our ability to block and alter our opponents’ attacks has made a significant impact on the game. While there have been moments of bad luck, we’ve always regrouped and focused on the next play.

Versatile Offensive Strategies – We’ve experimented with various offensive strategies, including running a 6-3, 6-2, and 5-1 system in competition. This exposure has expanded our skills beyond playing on the outside. We’ve become proficient at hitting from the middle and right side, making us versatile offensive threats.

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Embracing the Next Chapter

As we move forward, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

Focus on What You Can Control – Your attitude, hustle, and serve are all within your control. Embrace feedback from your next coach with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Let go of anger or defensiveness and embrace the opportunity to improve. Remember, your coach’s insights may provide a different perspective that resonates with you, contributing to your growth as a player.

Ignore the Noise – Fans and spectators may have their opinions, but ultimately, you are the one playing the game. Volleyball is a challenging sport that requires constant focus and effort. Don’t get distracted by external commentary. Stay committed to your goals and trust in the skills you’ve developed.

Strive for Continuous Improvement – Resting on your laurels won’t lead to long-term success. Use your time wisely to refine your form, enhance your mental game, and foster a true team attitude. Be proactive in supporting your teammates and always seek opportunities to better the ball. Your commitment and work ethic will speak volumes.

Give Back to the Game – As you progress, remember the importance of giving back to the sport that has given us so much. Consider coaching younger players during your practices, sharing your knowledge and experience. Participate in community initiatives like the Haiti Street booth, where you can help less fortunate children through the Leave a Ball Behind Program. By giving, you will gain so much more.

As we embark on this new phase, let’s continue to dig deep, serve with power, spike with precision, and set with finesse. Mistakes will happen, but remember that they are part of the journey. Stay focused, stay positive, and keep smiling. Our time together has been special, and I am confident that each of you will make a lasting impact wherever you go. Here’s to the next change of seasons!

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Q: How can I improve my serve receive?
A: Focus on passing the ball up, keeping it five or more feet off the net. Maintain the correct arm angle and practice reading different serves. Repetition and deliberate practice will help you improve your serve receive skills.

Q: How can I become a better blocker?
A: Master the timing and positioning of your jumps for different attackers. Understand when and where to press over the net, and communicate effectively with your teammates. Consistent practice and analysis of opponents’ hitting tendencies will sharpen your blocking abilities.

Q: What should I do if I make a mistake on the court?
A: Embrace the philosophy of focusing on the next ball. Mistakes are a natural part of the game, and dwelling on them will only hinder your performance. Take a deep breath, reset, and focus on the next play with a positive mindset.


As we bid farewell to the club season and prepare for the challenges of the upcoming school season, it’s essential to reflect on our progress and embrace the next chapter. We have honed our skills in serving, serve receive, digging, spiking, setting, blocking, and offensive strategies. It’s crucial to focus on what we can control, ignore external noise, and strive for continuous improvement. By giving back to the game and supporting our teammates, we will leave a lasting impact. Let’s approach the next change of seasons with determination, passion, and a smile on our faces. Together, we will achieve greatness.