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949, Outrigger, and Elite Take Home Wins on the Last Day

COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 8, 2017) – It was an intense final day at the Boys Junior National Championships, with teams battling it out for the top spot in their respective divisions. In the 17 Open Division, 949 16 Black faced a tough quarterfinal challenge but managed to come out on top and advance.

In the gold medal match, 949 from Southern California defeated The HBC 17 Black from the same region with a score of 25-21, 25-16. SASVBC Boys 17s from the Aloha Region finished third, along with Seaside 17-Black from Southern California.

To reach the final, 949 had to overcome a quarterfinal match against MVVC 17 Red, which proved to be a formidable opponent. Despite being down 10-5 in the third set, 949 staged a comeback and won the match with a score of 22-25, 25-19, 17-15.

Head Coach Kari Pestolesi commended her team for their resilience. She said, “We had such a tough morning. We were ready for a battle against The HBC. 949 did a good job. They were pretty efficient. It was fun to watch.” Pestolesi also acknowledged that her team had faced mental and physical challenges throughout the day.

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Setter Patrick Paragas of 949 was named MVP. Reflecting on the intense quarterfinal match, Paragas said, “That was crazy. Our team pulled back. We’ve been in situations like that before, but never that much.” He credited his teammates for his award, acknowledging their exceptional play.

In the 17 Club Division final, Outrigger 17U from the Aloha Region emerged victorious over Pulse Athletics 17 Hurley from Southern California, with a score of 25-23, 25-22. Balboa Bay 17 White from Southern California and CTIV 17MKelvyn from Puerto Rico claimed third place.

Finally, in the 13 Club Division, 352 Elite Boys Rox 13Lime from Florida secured the championship title after defeating MB Surf ASICS 13s from Southern California in the final match with a score of 25-9, 25-17. Head Coach Edwin Montalvo highlighted that his team had been playing in the 14 open division for most of the season, and this experience had contributed to their continuous improvement.

A record-breaking 510 teams and over 5,000 top boys’ junior players, aged 12-18, from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam participated in this year’s Boys’ Junior National Championships. The tournament showcased the incredible talent and dedication of these young athletes.

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Q: How many teams participated in the Boys’ Junior National Championships?
A: A record-breaking 510 teams participated in this year’s tournament.

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Q: Who won the 17 Open Division?
A: 949 16 Black from Southern California emerged as the champions in the 17 Open Division.

Q: Who was named MVP in the 17 Open Division?
A: Setter Patrick Paragas of 949 was named MVP in the 17 Open Division.

Q: Which team won the 17 Club Division?
A: Outrigger 17U from the Aloha Region won the 17 Club Division.

Q: Who won the 13 Club Division?
A: 352 Elite Boys Rox 13Lime from Florida won the 13 Club Division.

The Boys Junior National Championships concluded with thrilling matches and impressive performances. Congratulations to all the teams for their remarkable achievements. This tournament showcased the immense talent and dedication of these young athletes as they competed at the highest level. Alpinetgheep is proud to support the future of volleyball and provide top-quality athletic flooring for these events.