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949 Dominates BJNC 18 Open Championship

PHOENIX (July 5, 2018) – The 949 B12 Black volleyball team continues to make history at the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Record-Breaking Performance

949 B18 Black (Southern California) emerged victorious in the 18 Open Division, outplaying their rivals to claim the gold medal. This remarkable achievement marks their fourth consecutive win in the tournament, a feat never before accomplished. They have been on an incredible journey, starting from the 15 Open Division and progressing to the 18 Open Division.

949 B18 Black showed their exceptional skills by defeating Balboa Bay 18 Blue (Southern California) in an intense gold-medal match, with a final score of 25-16, 25-21. The team faced some challenges throughout the tournament, but they persevered and overcame them to secure their well-deserved victory.

The Journey to Victory

In the third round, 949 B18 Black faced a tough three-set battle against HPSTL B18 Royal (Gateway), their only loss in the tournament. However, they bounced back and reached the final match by defeating AZ Fear 18 JB (Arizona) in the semifinals. In the quarterfinals, they swept SMBC Pali 18 adidas (Southern California) with impressive performances in both sets.

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The team’s most valuable player, Patrick Paragas, shared his thoughts on their remarkable success. He expressed how their chemistry as a team has evolved over the years, making it possible for them to consistently win gold medals. Paragas also mentioned that they are excited to continue their winning tradition at UC Santa Barbara, where he and teammate Andrew McSweeney will be playing together.

An Exceptional Team Effort

Diego Perez, the libero for 949 B18 Black, reflected on the team’s accomplishment, emphasizing the camaraderie and friendship among the players. Despite battling an ankle injury throughout the tournament, Perez drew strength from his teammates’ support and played a crucial role in their victory.

Ethan Talley, a middle for 949 B18 Black, acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the entire team. He believes their success is a result of their collective effort, with every player contributing to their impressive win. Talley, who will be attending Ohio State University, expressed his excitement for the future, even if it means facing his 949 teammates on the opposing side of the net.

A Remarkable Achievement

Balboa Bay 18 Blue, who finished with a 9-2 record, secured the silver medal in the 18 Open Division. Their journey to the finals included a victory against MB Surf Asics (Southern California) in the semifinals.

In the 18 USA Division, SPVB B18 Alpha (Great Lakes) triumphed over Ponce Pumas (Puerto Rico) in a thrilling three-set gold-medal match. VCVC Boys 18 Yosh (Southern California) showcased their resilience in the 18 Club Division, rallying from a set down to defeat LBVC 18s (Southern California) and claim the gold medal.

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The 949 B18 Black volleyball team’s remarkable achievement at the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships is a testament to their exceptional skills, perseverance, and teamwork. By securing their fourth consecutive gold medal in the 18 Open Division, they have solidified their place as one of the most successful teams in the tournament’s history. Their journey is a true inspiration for aspiring volleyball players everywhere.


Q: How many consecutive gold medals has 949 B18 Black won?
A: 949 B18 Black has won four consecutive gold medals, starting from the 15 Open Division and progressing to the 18 Open Division.

Q: What is the next step for the MVP, Patrick Paragas?
A: Patrick Paragas will be attending UC Santa Barbara, where he aims to continue his winning tradition and pursue a national championship.

Q: What challenges did 949 B18 Black face in the tournament?
A: 949 B18 Black faced a tough three-set match against HPSTL B18 Royal (Gateway) in the final match of round three, resulting in their only loss in the tournament.

Q: How did Diego Perez overcome his ankle injury?
A: Despite his ankle injury, Diego Perez drew strength from the support of his teammates, enabling him to contribute significantly to the team’s success.

Q: How did Ethan Talley describe the team’s victory?
A: Ethan Talley emphasized the team’s hard work, commitment, and collective effort as the key factors behind their victory.

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