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2023 All-Star Championship Results

The 2023 USA All-Star Championships, held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from July 19-23, 2023, saw intense competition among 90 junior all-star volleyball teams from 21 delegations. Hosted by the Florida Region of USA Volleyball at the Broward County Convention Center, the event showcased the talent and skill of all-star teams from 20 USA Volleyball regions and two teams from Canada.

USA Volleyball All-Star Championships Full Results

The championship featured six divisions for girls and three divisions for boys. Girls divisions included U13, U15 National, U15 International, U17 National, U17 International, and Women U20. Boys divisions consisted of U15, U17, and U19.

Here are the results of each division:

Girls U13 Division

  • 1st Place: Team Florida U13 National (Florida Region)
  • 2nd Place: AZ Girls FS (Arizona Region)
  • 3rd Place: Badger All-Stars Girls U13 (Badger Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Charlotte Shepard (Badger Region), Amari Frasier (Arizona Region), Addie Martin (Arizona Region), Molly Monday (Florida Region), Lila Varitek (Florida Region), and Cece Lthier (Florida Region)
  • MVP: Ellie Enger (Florida Region)

Girls U15 National Division

  • 1st Place: GLR HP U15 Girls (Great Lakes Region)
  • 2nd Place: Iowa Girls U15 Red (Iowa Region)
  • 3rd Place: PSR All-Stars U15 Select National (Puget Sound Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Maya Quitiquit (Puget Sound Region), Piper Hodge (Iowa Region), Maren Ouellette (Iowa Region), Brooklynne Brass (Great Lakes Region), Haley Burgdorf (Great Lakes Region), and Cassidy Cage (Great Lakes Region)
  • MVP: Ellie Stiernagle (Great Lakes Region)
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Girls U15 International Division

  • 1st Place: North Texas U15 International (North Texas Region)
  • 2nd Place: AZ Girls Select (Arizona Region)
  • 3rd Place: Team GEVA U15 (Garden Empire Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Olivia Henry (Garden Empire Region), Tessa Larkin (Arizona Region), Brooke Harwood (Arizona Region), Gaby Rodriguez (North Texas Region), Kylie Kluckner (North Texas Region), and Ryan Spencer (North Texas Region)
  • MVP: Brynn Stephens (North Texas Region)

Girls U17 National Division

  • 1st Place: OK All Star 17 (Oklahoma Region)
  • 2nd Place: Iowa Girls u17 Black (Iowa Region)
  • 3rd Place: Nike Southern Girls U17 (Southern Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Kaitlyn Moran (Southern Region), Katie Quick (Iowa Region), Molly Shaeffer (Iowa Region), Addie Wardley (Oklahoma Region), Kendall Picolet (Oklahoma Region), and Olivia Branum (Oklahoma Region)
  • MVP: Gia McGrew (Oklahoma Region)

Girls U17 International Division

  • 1st Place: North Texas U17 International (North Texas Region)
  • 2nd Place: Team Florida U17 International (Florida Region)
  • 3rd Place: AZ Girls Youth (Arizona Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Gabrielle Tafoya (Arizona Region), Emily Collings (Florida Region), Bella Lee (Florida Region), Taryn Morris (North Texas Region), Sophia Thornburg (North Texas Region), and Hannah Beauford (North Texas Region)
  • MVP: Lauren Lambert (North Texas Region)

Women U20 Division

  • 1st Place: North Texas U20 International (North Texas Region)
  • 2nd Place: BTG U18 Canadian Selects (Canada)
  • 3rd Place: NCR Nike All Stars U20 (North Country Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Zoe Zarr (North Country Region), Emelia Hunger (Canada), Erin Black (Canada), Jessica Jones (North Texas Region), Carson Eickenloff (North Texas Region), and Mikala Young (North Texas Region)
  • MVP: Jadyn Livings (North Texas Region)
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Boys U15 Division

  • 1st Place: AZ Boys Select (Arizona Region)
  • 2nd Place: PSR All-Stars U15 (Puget Sound Region)
  • 3rd Place: Team GEVA (Garden Empire Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Charlie Patek (Garden Empire Region), Given Unwin (Puget Sound Region), Titus Mischke (Puget Sound Region), Ashton Betts (Arizona Region), Dylan Dinh (Arizona Region), and Raja Patel (Arizona Region)
  • MVP: Andrew McGonagill (Arizona Region)

Boys U17 Division

  • 1st Place: GLR HP U17 Boys (Great Lakes Region)
  • 2nd Place: AZ Boys National (Arizona Region)
  • 3rd Place: Team Florida U17 National (Florida Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Noah Dieppa (Florida Region), Cohen Carter (Arizona Region), Carter King (Arizona Region), Christian Teresi (Great Lakes Region), Luka Kostic (Great Lakes Region), and Jack Anderson (Great Lakes Region)
  • MVP: Nate Toth (Great Lakes Region)

Boys U19 Division

  • 1st Place: GLR HP U19 Boys (Great Lakes Region)
  • 2nd Place: AZ Boys Youth (Arizona Region)
  • 3rd Place: Team Florida U19 National (Florida Region)
  • All-Tournament Team: Quinn Bishop (Florida Region), Connor Oldani (Arizona Region), Ryan Lewis (Arizona Region), Brayden Zevitzkylynd (Great Lakes Region), Shawn Harvey (Great Lakes Region), Tyler John-wick (Great Lakes Region)
  • MVP: Peter Zuroski (Great Lakes Region)

Total Medal Count

  • Arizona: 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze (6 medals)
  • Badger: 1 Bronze (1 medal)
  • BTG Canada: 1 Silver (1 medal)
  • Florida: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze (4 medals)
  • Garden Empire: 2 Bronze (2 medals)
  • Great Lakes: 3 Gold (3 medals)
  • Iowa: 2 Silver (2 medals)
  • North Country: 1 Bronze (1 medal)
  • North Texas: 3 Gold (3 medals)
  • Oklahoma: 1 Gold (1 medal)
  • Puget Sound: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze (2 medals)
  • Southern: 1 Bronze (1 medal)

Region Cup Winner: Arizona Region

The Region Cup, awarded to the top finishing delegation based on points earned for each division finish, was won by the Arizona Region with six medals. Florida finished second with four medals, followed by North Texas and Great Lakes with three medals each.

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  1. How many divisions were there in the 2023 USA All-Star Championships?

    • There were six divisions for girls and three divisions for boys in the championship.
  2. Which region won the Region Cup?

    • The Arizona Region emerged as the winner of the Region Cup with six medals.


The 2023 USA All-Star Championships held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida showcased exceptional talent and competitive spirit among junior all-star volleyball teams. With 90 teams participating from 21 delegations, the event attracted attention from volleyball enthusiasts across the nation. The championship featured a total of nine divisions, six for girls and three for boys. From the intense matches, several outstanding players were recognized as a part of the All-Tournament Teams in each division. The Arizona Region emerged as the top-performing delegation, securing the prestigious Region Cup. Congratulations to all the teams and players who participated in this remarkable event!

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