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2022 Women’s Collegiate National Team Training Block

The 2022 Women’s Collegiate National Team Training Block is an exciting opportunity for talented athletes from colleges across the country to come together and showcase their skills. The current roster, updated as of June 2, 2022, features a diverse group of players who excel in their respective positions.

Current Roster

The roster includes players from various colleges, representing different regions in the United States. Here are some notable members of the team:

  • Anota Adekunle (MB, 5-11, Humble, Texas, Rice University, Lone Star)
  • Erin Anderson (OH, 6-2, Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University, Intermountain)
  • Paige Briggs (OH, 5-10, Ortonville, Mich., Western Kentucky University, Lakeshore)
  • Kayla Burbage (OPP, 6-3, Clayton, N.C., University of Missouri, Carolina)
  • Claire Chaussee (OH, 6-0, Poynette, Wisc., University of Louisville, Badger)
  • Anna Dixon (OH, 6-2, Louisburg, Kan., University of Missouri, Heart of America)
  • Gabrielle Essix (MB, 6-4, Gainesville, Fla., University of Florida, Florida)
  • Skylar Fields (OPP, 6-2, Missouri City, Texas, University of Southern California, Lone Star)
  • Zoe Fleck (L, 5-6, Granada Hills, Calif., University of Texas, Southern California)
  • Sarah Franklin (OH, 6-4, Lake Worth, Fla., University of Wisconsin, Florida)

And many more talented players form a formidable team that will surely impress on the court.

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The team is led by experienced coaches and staff who bring their expertise to the training block. Here are the dedicated individuals who contribute to the team’s success:

  • Head Coach: Rob Browning (St. Mary’s College)
  • Assistant Coach: Tayyiba Haneef-Park (University of Oregon; 2004, ’08, ’12 Olympian)
  • Assistant Coach: Danielle Scott (USA Volleyball; 1996, 2000, ’04, ’08, ‘12 Olympian)
  • Assistant Coach: Courtney Thompson (Finding Mastery, 2012 Olympian)
  • Assistant Coach: Carlos Moreno (Arizona State)
  • Assistant Coach/Analyst: Jeff Liu (Grand Canyon University)
  • Analyst: Annemarie Hickey (University of Wisconsin)
  • Team Leader: Courtney Smith (NTDP)

The coaching staff brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide and support the players throughout their training.


Q: When is the 2022 Women’s Collegiate National Team Training Block taking place?
A: The training block dates and schedule will be announced on the official website of Alpinetgheep or Please visit the website for the most up-to-date information.

Q: How can I watch the Women’s Collegiate National Team Training Block?
A: Information regarding live streaming or televised coverage of the training block can be found on the official website of Alpinetgheep or Stay tuned for updates on how to catch all the action.

Q: Can anyone attend the training block and watch the matches?
A: The Women’s Collegiate National Team Training Block is open to the public, and spectators are welcome to come and support the athletes. Check the official website of Alpinetgheep or for venue details and any specific guidelines for attendance.

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The 2022 Women’s Collegiate National Team Training Block brings together top college athletes from across the country to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. The current roster features a talented group of players, each bringing their unique strengths to the team. With experienced coaches and dedicated staff guiding them, these athletes are set to make a mark in the world of collegiate volleyball. Stay tuned for updates on the schedule and how to watch the training block live. Join us in supporting these exceptional athletes as they strive for excellence on the court. Visit for more information and to stay up-to-date with all the latest news.