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2021 Men’s VNL Pool 2

The 2021 Men’s VNL Pool 2 featured an intense competition between four teams: USA, Russia, Poland, and Australia. This thrilling volleyball event showcased the skills and determination of these top-tier teams from around the world. Let’s take a closer look at the teams, schedule, and roster to get a better understanding of the tournament.


The teams competing in Pool 2 were USA, Russia, Poland, and Australia. Each team brought their A-game, making every match a must-watch event. The level of competition was exceptional, with players showcasing their skills and teamwork on the court.


The matches took place on different days, ensuring fans had the opportunity to witness top-notch volleyball action. Here is a rundown of the schedule and the results:

  • Thursday, June 3: Russia vs. USA (Russia won 3-1)
  • Friday, June 4: USA vs. Poland (USA won 3-0)
  • Saturday, June 5: USA vs. Australia (USA won 3-0)

These matches provided spectators with thrilling moments and intense battles between the teams.


The rosters for each team were filled with talented athletes from around the globe. Here are some key players who represented the USA in the tournament:

  • Jeff Jendryk (Middle Blocker)
  • Kyle Ensing (Opposite)
  • Mitch Stahl (Middle Blocker)
  • Kawika Shoji (Setter)
  • T.J. DeFalco (Outside Hitter)
  • Micah Christenson (Setter)
  • Ben Patch (Opposite)
  • Brenden Sander (Outside Hitter)
  • Thomas Jaeschke (Outside Hitter)
  • Garrett Muagututia (Outside Hitter)
  • Taylor Averill (Middle Blocker)
  • David Smith (Middle Blocker)
  • Dustin Watten (Libero)
  • Erik Shoji (Libero)
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These players worked in harmony to deliver exceptional performances and contribute to the team’s success.


Q: Which teams participated in the 2021 Men’s VNL Pool 2?

A: The teams that participated in the 2021 Men’s VNL Pool 2 were USA, Russia, Poland, and Australia.

Q: Did USA win all their matches in Pool 2?

A: Yes, the USA team emerged victorious in all their matches in Pool 2.

Q: Who were some key players in the USA roster?

A: Some key players in the USA roster were Jeff Jendryk, Kyle Ensing, Mitch Stahl, Kawika Shoji, T.J. DeFalco, Micah Christenson, Ben Patch, Brenden Sander, Thomas Jaeschke, Garrett Muagututia, Taylor Averill, David Smith, Dustin Watten, and Erik Shoji.


The 2021 Men’s VNL Pool 2 showcased exceptional volleyball talent from teams representing USA, Russia, Poland, and Australia. The matches were intense, with USA emerging victorious in all their games. The players displayed remarkable skill and teamwork, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. This tournament was a testament to the high level of competition in the sport and left spectators eagerly awaiting future volleyball events. For more updates on volleyball and other sports, visit our website and stay tuned for exciting news and events.