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2019: Tstreet Volleyball Club’s Remarkable Achievements

Tstreet Volleyball Club had an exceptional performance in the 2019 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships. On July 6th, their 16-1 team claimed gold in the Open Division, marking their second Open gold of the tournament after the 14-1s secured gold on June 30th. This victory was part of the 16-1s’ fifth gold medal of the year, showcasing the impressive progress they have made since the foundation of the club by Olympic gold medalist Troy Tanner.

Tanner initiated Tstreet in 2005 when his daughter was 11 years old. He noticed a lack of coaching and mentorship for young athletes in club volleyball and wanted to provide a better experience for his daughter and others in the area. Since then, the club has experienced rapid growth, thanks to the word spreading about the positive environment and development opportunities offered at Tstreet.

Over the past fourteen years, Tanner’s philosophy has permeated every team in every age division. The 16-1 team demonstrated the power of this approach, amassing an impressive record of 66 wins and 3 losses, earning them the top rank in the country. Their success story included five gold medals, culminating in a national title at the GJNC.

One crucial player that contributed to the 16-1 team’s triumph was libero Lauren Bays, who joined Tstreet four years ago. Bays not only secured her second GJNC championship with the team but also earned the Most Valuable Player title in the national championship tournament. Her remarkable performance led to a commitment to the University of Washington. Reflecting on her journey, Bays expressed gratitude to Tstreet for teaching her everything she knows and propelling her to where she is today.

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Another shining example of Tstreet’s ability to nurture and develop athletes is Grace Chillingworth. Chillingworth embarked on her journey with Tstreet when she joined their Tweens program in 2014. Five years later, she became a two-time Open champion and committed to Pepperdine University. Chillingworth exemplifies the values of hard work, dedication, and genuine passion for the game that Tstreet instills in its players.

Elyse Stowell, a BYU commit, also shares a similar story. She has been a part of Tstreet since she was 11 years old and credits the club for helping her grow as both an athlete and an individual. Stowell recognizes the impact her teammates have had on her development, stating that everyone on the team has played a crucial role in her journey.

The 16-1 team’s accomplishment of securing five gold medals in a single season is unprecedented. It speaks volumes about the dedication and hard work put in by Coach Mike Murphy, his assistants Bailey Tanner and Andrew Hein, and club director Troy Tanner. Murphy, a native of San Clemente, California, like Troy Tanner, expressed his humility and gratitude for the team’s success. He attributed the exceptional season to the strong bond and camaraderie among the players, which fostered a culture of honor, respect, and competitiveness.

When the team members were asked what made their team strong and formidable, they unanimously attributed it to their close-knit bond. Team captain Jessie Smith highlighted the importance of being more than just teammates, but rather friends who support each other on and off the court. Setter Rachel Fairbanks echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the trust and value they place in one another as a team.

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Tstreet’s success is deeply rooted in Troy Tanner’s famous mantra, prominently displayed throughout the gym and on every jersey and t-shirt. “Breathe, Believe, Battle” became the guiding principle for the team throughout the year, propelling them to their five gold medals. Murphy expressed immense pride in the team’s accomplishments and the memories they created together. He viewed it as a privilege to be a part of the team’s journey and acknowledged that all eleven players played a crucial role in their success. They truly crossed the finish line as one, sharing the glory collectively.

Tstreet’s achievements were not limited to just the 16s team. In 2019, the club secured a total of six medals at the GJNC, surpassing any other club’s performance. These included two Open gold medals (14s, 16s), a silver in the 13 National division, and three bronze medals (15 American, 15 Patriot, 14 American).

The club’s success in 2019 is a testament to the unwavering support from parents, coaches, and staff. Troy Tanner expressed his trust in the coaching staff to uphold Tstreet’s systems and standards and hold the girls accountable. He acknowledged that the tremendous belief and trust demonstrated by the athletes and their families have been instrumental in the club’s growth and accomplishments.

In summary, Tstreet Volleyball Club’s extraordinary achievements in 2019 exemplify the club’s commitment to excellence and the development of young athletes. Through their philosophy of mentorship, hard work, and a strong sense of community, Tstreet has created an environment where athletes can thrive and reach their fullest potential. The 16-1 team’s success, along with the numerous medals secured by other Tstreet teams, cemented the club’s reputation as one of the best in the nation. Tstreet continues to pave the way for aspiring athletes, nurturing their love for the game and paving the path for future success. To learn more about Tstreet Volleyball Club and its incredible journey, visit

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